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  1. Menu commands do not result in a group.
  2. It looks like this is the case when there's not a pSet value attached to the item you're querying. I can fix the node so you don't get an error, but it still means there's something wrong upstream in your network. getifcpsetvalue_MFarrell.vwx
  3. If the string is composed of entirely numbers, you can run it through the "float" node. It's a little trickier if you have units in the string, though, and those would require special handling.
  4. This isn't true, but I'm glad that it's now working for you! I keep my Workgroup folder in my OneDrive account right at the root, so that naming convention is not necessary.
  5. We've made holiday lights with Marionette, but so far nothing with a catenary (which I just had to look up...) though it shouldn't be hard to pull off.
  6. It's actually Patrick Winkler's! However, it was on the old techboard forums and I'm not on-site to get it from our old database. I'll definitely try to grab it and share on Monday.
  7. I think there's a custom one floating around on the forum somewhere, but you can modify the existing one by adding a Move call and moving it in the Z direction. I'll take a quick look to see if I can find the custom one.
  8. I've looked into this before, it looks like we don't have access to some of the calls we need in the Python API, unfortunately. I'll put in a request to expose them.
  9. You didn't name the Real node '1'. Rename this node from '1' to 'one'
  10. Hey Alan, So the issue isn't with your Radio Button node, the problem is you named that other input node '1' We can't have '1' as a name for a node, if you change that to 'one' the network will work.
  11. Hey Alan, That's a shortcoming with our String node. I've edited it in this file to not concatenate them. I also used a Mix2 node set to Cycle to shuffle things around a bit. I hope this helps! Seating_Test_On_Poly_001_v2018_MFarrell.vwx
  12. Hey Alan, use the orange String node (str) Hope this helps
  13. @NeonClear Hi! You're going to want to use Set Entity Matrix instead of Set 3D Rotation with an input of (90,0,0) I've attached a revised file. Hope this helps! Marissa layerplanepoly_MFarrell.vwx
  14. I'm not sure we currently support this workflow, though I wouldn't consider it a bug. I'll put a note into our bug tracking system.
  15. Let me see if I understand this. You are referencing the symbols and not placing a new instance of the symbol/Marionette object in the document? I don't understand what you mean about 'the script will not update'?
  16. I haven't tested this thoroughly, but you may be able to make the object a Red Symbol; when that's placed it will still allow you to change the Marionette Object. The only thing is that it still wouldn't update your instances in other existing files if you update the script for it, but I can't think of any object that does.
  17. I'm actually just an early bird I'm usually here about an hour or more before everyone else starts showing up.
  18. Hi Alan, I'm seeing the same. I don't believe Jim is in yet, but I'll make sure he knows about this. Thanks!
  19. There's a possibility we could add a checkbox later to the node to allow a user to decide if ALL objects will be added together, but we will likely leave the basic operation of this node alone. I'll look into some options on how to simplify the process. Thanks for your input!
  20. Although not ideal, one way you can do this is to use the Pop Front node and wire the Item port to hObj1 and the rest of the list to hObj2 (screenshot below) How the Solid Boolean node works is that the first port is the "blank" and the second port is the "tool." The node will cross reference these lists, as you've noticed, to create as many combinations as possible. If only one item is fed into the first port, then the objects will all be added to/subtracted from/intersected with that first "blank" item.
  21. I've got you covered. VB-149262 It's very much likely due to the rotated plan and how snapping and picking works when it's rotated. We've seen issues with other objects before, this must have just slipped through the cracks. Thanks, guys!
  22. Not at this time, no. This limitation is because we don't have a way to dynamically edit the OIP based on a change to the input, the OIP is populated/refreshed only when a node script is opened/closed or run.
  23. This happens because when you use Push/Pull it's actually creating a new object, technically. I can't say as to whether or not it's supposed to do that by design, but I'll report a bug and see how it goes.


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