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  1. Marionette Menu Commands are stored in your user folder


    User Folder > Defaults > Marionette > Marionette Command Library.vwx


    Open the file, in the Resource Manager you should see wrapper symbols for each command you've created. You can just delete the commands there and restart Vectorworks and they should be removed from the list.

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  2. So I think the primary reason is the command used in those nodes doesn't behave the same between networks and object nodes.


    One way to specify the drawing order would be to use an ordered list to determine which object is drawn first and so forth.

  3. What point of the text are you hoping to get? The center? The point where the text starts?


    I would recommend using Get 2D Center if you would like the center of the text, or using the information provided by Get Bounding Box if you would like to calculate a point on the boundary of the text object.

  4. Right now my suggestion is to use the Get Width and Get Height in the Object Info category for those values, I'm looking into the best method for the referenced point while rotated since the naming of those points when rotated may not be accurate.
    I've also submitted a bug to update the Get Rectangle node once I've gotten a good solution.

  5. Next time you see this happen, can you send me the file you're working in with as many of the previous steps you remember taking before noticing the issue?


    I also don't mind collecting the files that you've encountered it in, but without narrowing down what you're doing it's going to be hard to find the culprit.



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