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    Batch rename resources

    Here's a Marionette script that will allow you to batch rename resources using find and replace. Be aware that this also will query hidden records in your file, so be wary about that. (If you want to filter records out, they are type 47.) You can further filter the list using the "Get Type" node to narrow down to Symbols, Gradients, Hatches, etc. A list of object types can be found here: http://developer.vectorworks.net/index.php/VS:Function_Reference_Appendix#objects This action should be undoable, but it's always recommended to use a copy of your file for testing since this is a destructive command. My advice would be to move the objects you plan to rename into their own Vectorworks file that you can later save as a resource library file. MarionetteRenameResources_MFarrell.vwx
  2. Marissa Farrell

    Draw 3D polygon line through x,y,z points from text file

    Totally doable in Marionette! @axhake My first question is - are you still on 2016 as your signature states? If so, some of the nodes I'm using are not default content in 2016 and may need to be modified to work, otherwise I'm attaching a 2019 file right now. (If you need a 2016 file just let me know and I'll get one set up for you!) You'll need to know the path to your text file. What I did was place the text file in the same directory as my Vectorworks file so it's easier to just query the location of my vwx file to find the text file. All of the nodes in this file are default content nodes in 2019, aside from the "tuple" node which I just used to split up the list of points better. 10 metre points xyz_MFarrell.vwx
  3. Marissa Farrell

    Export as SVG?

    I unfortunately haven't had a chance to work more on it, it's still not in a usable state. Once it's done, though, it will be available for download here on the forum.
  4. Marissa Farrell

    Cannot edit Gross/Net Boundary Definitions in Space Settings

    We have an open issue for this, VB-153788
  5. Marissa Farrell

    Slow text edit

    Does this happen with the OIP undocked?
  6. Marissa Farrell

    Slow text edit

    I may be mistaking this issue with another similar issue - in either case, we are working on this internally as it has been reproduced by members of our team. Is this slowness occurring while using the arrow keys to move around in the text?
  7. Marissa Farrell

    Slow text edit

    The OIP is the Object Info Palette, it's the palette that displays information about the selected object and by default is the top, right palette. You can click and drag on the words "Object Info" to move it away from the righthand side of the screen and make it a floating palette.
  8. Marissa Farrell

    Slow text edit

    @rsdcarch If you undock your OIP that should help to resolve the issue as it's worked on.
  9. Marissa Farrell

    "Convert to Object Node" Gives empty Marionette Object

    Though I'm not certain why your current network fails, I would suggest using a "contents" node in place of your "ungroup" node. 3D Text_MFarrell.vwx
  10. Marissa Farrell

    Random Extrude

    @Gabriel I'm assuming you're using a version prior to 2019 - in 2019, there's a new button in the OIP of the Objects by Criteria node that will display the Criteria dialog and populate that text field for you. Not so helpful if using 2017 still, as stated in your signature, but something to look forward to if you choose to upgrade!
  11. Marissa Farrell

    grid bubble

    Your signature is now updated to follow what you stated above, so that's at least resolved now! ūüôā
  12. Marissa Farrell

    grid bubble

    Your signature still states "2015 designer w/ rendwks" which is why I asked. Could you please attach a file where you're experiencing this issue?
  13. Marissa Farrell

    grid bubble

    @jnr I cannot reproduce this - when I change the Dim Text Size, my dimension text will change accordingly. What version/service pack of Vectorworks are you using?
  14. Without spending too much time with the node you acquired from Alan, I've just created a new wrapper that should help you out with this. It uses all default content nodes, so there is no issue with third party nodes. If you link me to Alan's demo file, I can take a look to give you a better understanding on this "Name = 1002" thing. In the meantime, I hope this helps. I left most of it the same, just replaced the array nodes, so there's definitely still room for improvement and enhancement. Array Test_MFarrell.vwx
  15. Could you attach the file?
  16. Marissa Farrell

    Is it possible to select multiple extrudes by height?

    Here's a python script that will prompt you for a height and select extrudes in your document that have that height. It's in its simplest form, I just threw it together. I've also attached a plug-in file that you can put in your user folder to add as a menu command in your workspace. xtrds = [] def Add_Handle(obj): xtrds.append(obj) vs.ForEachObject(Add_Handle,"T=XTRD") dim = vs.DistDialog('Extrude Height', 0) sameHeight = [] for xtrd in xtrds: height, width, depth = vs.Get3DInfo(xtrd) if depth == dim: sameHeight.append(xtrd) vs.DSelectAll() for obj in sameHeight: vs.SetSelect(obj) Select Extrudes of Height.vsm
  17. Marissa Farrell

    Rotation of Rectangle?

  18. Marissa Farrell

    Attaching Record to Plug In Object create from Node

    Yes, that will allow you to set the class of the PIO. If you want to class individual parts within the PIO differently, you would do that the standard way by assigning classes to those parts within the network.
  19. Marissa Farrell

    Attaching Record to Plug In Object create from Node

    Not at a computer right now, but try using the PIO handle node and attaching the records to that while converted to a Marionette Object.
  20. Marissa Farrell

    Front Viewport not croping.

    Great! Thanks for confirming.
  21. Marissa Farrell

    Set attributes to obyects in selected classes

    @luk I've attached a revised file with a network that I believe should keep you going in the right direction. It makes a copy of the objects you're changing and groups them so that your original information stays the same and could be deleted later, mostly for debugging purposes on my end. I will submit a bug to allow the Attributes node to have separate opacities for pen and fill, and I'll try to remember to post the node here once I've completed it so you won't have to wait until a service pack to use it. For now, I set the opacities using the Set Opacity node. Feel free to ask any questions. Import_Schleppkurven - Versand_181221_MFarrell.vwx
  22. Marissa Farrell

    Front Viewport not croping.

    Make sure the rectangle is set to Screen Plane and not a different plane in the OIP
  23. Marissa Farrell

    Set Layer Node

    I think the default content node is missing a check to see if the parent of the object is a Marionette generated group or a layer. In the case of a Marionette created object (for instance a rectangle drawn with the rectangle node) we need to move its parent group to the appropriate layer so that when the network is rerun the object gets replaced.
  24. Marissa Farrell

    A Text object displaying its layer name

    One note - if you duplicate a layer with this object on it, you will need to nudge the Marionette Object to force an update. Copy-Paste will automatically update, as well as if you change the layer via the OIP.
  25. Marissa Farrell

    A Text object displaying its layer name

    Here's a Marionette Object that will display the name of the layer it resides on. Marionette_LayerNameObject_MFarrell.vwx


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