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  1. Here's one way to handle it: concatHandlingMFarrell_v2019.vwx
  2. An alternative to the Sequence node would be Series where you can define Count, or as you stated, you can subtract one while still using the Sequence node. For Concat, it's taking ALL of the values and concatenating them (as I'm sure you noticed), so we'll have to do a little more handling. I'll get a file together with an option, probably won't be the best option, but it will work.
  3. Does that Marionette Object also include Control Point nodes? Could you share that as well?
  4. Other Marionette Objects, or other VW objects in general? It does look buggy, so I will pop this object into our bug tracking, but if you can provide me with more information on where else you see it, it may help us to diagnose where the issue is.
  5. @elepp Can you either post or message me a copy of this file?
  6. @arquitextonica Right now, according to your description, all of these things should be doable with existing nodes that ship with Vectorworks, including the querying and numbering. Look through the Data Flow nodes, they can help you with filtering and sorting. You'll also probably want to look at the Object Info nodes. In some cases, you may need to outsource for some information from the developer wiki (for instance when trying to figure out what number an object type corresponds to), this page may help: http://developer.vectorworks.net/index.php/VS:Function_Reference_Appendix
  7. The path for Mac and Windows is the same, I also was using Mac for reference. The easiest way to navigate to your user folder is to go to Tools > Options > Vectorworks Preferences in Vectorworks, choose the User Folders tab, and select Reveal in Finder.
  8. Hi @mkue Marionette Menu Commands are stored in your user folder > Libraries > Defaults > Marionette > Marionette Command Library.vwx If you open that file in Vectorworks, you can delete the red symbols in the document that refer to the commands you want to remove. There is no way at this time to sign a Marionette Menu Command as a keyboard shortcut.
  9. This is a non-issue with Marionette/Python scripts.
  10. With regards to the wires/ports swapping, this is similar (if not the same as) an old issue between VW versions; Marionette was updated to alphabetize wrapper ports, sometimes when editing networks that didn't update themselves, the ports will change position but the wires may not follow correctly. I'll look around our bug tracking to see if I can find the original bug, if I can't find it, I'll try to get a new one reported. I started digging around this file back when it was first posted, but unfortunately didn't have enough time to diagnose. I'll try to take another look as soon as I have time.
  11. This is my exact understanding from when I inquired a few years back.
  12. I agree with the suggestion of Data Tag, but if you find that it's not a reasonable solution, we can absolutely tackle this with Marionette in one way or another.
  13. I haven't yet upgraded, but this is great information for me to keep an eye out for. I'm planning to get the beta installed this week and I will keep this in mind!
  14. There are tables in the appendix of the dev wiki that cover most selector values. http://developer.vectorworks.net/index.php/VS:Function_Reference_Appendix
  15. Although I haven't tested, I would use vs.SetObjectVariableBoolean(h, 700, False)
  16. @Niels Timmer I'm attaching a revision, you were so close, just needed to change the dropdown in the Change Vertex Type's OIP to Radius 190712 ChangeVertexType_MFarrell.vwx
  17. Though Jim's presence is no longer around in a Vectorworks employee capacity, I want to assure you that many employees are reading the forums every day. We may not respond to every post on here as we have other priorities, but nearly everything of importance with regards to issues or potential improvements is being discussed internally among us and bugs as well as feature requests are being created. Please don't think that when we lost Jim that you lost us, we're still listening.
  18. Here's a file with the nodes copied over and wired in, it works for me, so hopefully you find the same: Submitted_Halftone_Marionette_v1_v2019.vwx
  19. This error is due to Vectorworks changing how it reads paths between 2018 and 2019? (maybe the switch was earlier, I cannot remember) I believe that you should be able to just copy my read image node and my GetPixRGB node from my file and replace the ones in the halftone file, I'll take a better look in a bit.
  20. Though I am unsure as to why it wasn't included initially, we do have an existing wish to have it implemented at some time, I cannot guess when that may be. But we're certainly aware of the benefits of adding that option in the future.
  21. @Niels Timmer If you know which vertices need to be arc vertices, you can use the Change Vertex Type node on your resulting poly with the appropriate indices and radii to change those to arc vertices. Please let me know if you need some extra guidance.
  22. There is nothing in Marionette's shipped content that will do this, though a couple of years back I wrote a node that will read an image, that data can be used to do this. These files may not be updated properly for 2019, if you come across an error when installing the Python modules, please let me know which OS and VW version you are running and I will update the scripts to work. Original file, extrudes the pixels as rectangles to a height based on their brightness: User modified file that seems to result similarly to what you are hoping to achieve:
  23. @Dob Quick question - which version are you using/did you create this Marionette Object in?
  24. Ahhhh I misread your original post, so sorry! We do not support Marionette Commands located in the workgroup folder at this time only the User Folder.
  25. Additionally, are the files saved as 2019 versions?


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