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  1. Hi,


    I am currently working towards PAS1192:2-2013 mandate and I am having some issues with the IFC import and the way we create windows. As we work on large housing schemes we work with window types, a method Vectorworks have previously advised to do it. So we create windows and then turn into symbols, so when placed within a wall they appear as a 'symbol in the wall'. However when exporting to IFC and either re-importing into VW to test or into Solibre Model Checker, the IFC format does not acknowledge the relationship between the wall and the window. 


    I therefore tried exploding the symbol to test if it was this and when it is a 'window in wall' it views fine. I was wondering if anyone has had a similar issue and a work around. 


    One way i was going to try was using symbol geometry in the window settings. therefore if you change the original source component then this will still change. However this will result in manual window changes to each window for height width etc. I have attached a solider model checker screenshot showing the if import result of a door in a wall as a 'symbol in a wall'.


    This also applies to doors. 


    Thank you.



    Screen Shot 2017-01-16 at 13.47.53.png

  2. Hi,

    First of all I think the article / feed is extremely useful and Renderworks tutorials are useful for increasing brightness etc. My question is how can you apply the same rigour to front, back, left and right camera views and viewports for elevations etc.

    I think this is a big issue at the moment when trying to achieve high quality elevations for planning purposes.

  3. Kony,

    This can be achieved through using the section viewports as the others above have stated. I am currently exploring the same process as you at the moment however my queries lie with how and where we should be section view porting to?

    We usually draw sections on individual design layers and then output onto sheets allowing more than one user working on a project file, especially on large jobs. However struggling to find the best way to do this, to get onto an output sheet does that mean I need to viewport a viewport, all abit messy to me.

    Does anyone know if there is official protocols to follow, especially with the UK needing to move into BIM.

  4. Hi Pat,

    Many thanks for the advice, this is perfect for what we are trying to achieve. It basically prevents the user from tampering with the edit criteria which will allow us to create standard schedules.

    Another one, I have also created a Wall Type schedule to list key information however as we make our walls with components we are trying to list these out in the spreadsheet. So that the schedule picks up the name, thickness and then what it is made up of for example 75mm metsec, 12.5mm plasterboard etc. I have tried the COMPONENTNAME tool but nothing as yet.

    Thanks for all your help.

  5. Hi,

    I am trying to implement a 'plug and play' approach to scheduling in our office to improve efficiency in the office and avoid everyone always making a new schedule etc.

    When creating a schedule I am trying to get the worksheet 'database' to find windows / or doors on particular layers which all start with 'P_'... 00,01,02,04 etc. As we all know we can choose to find from a particular layer but I want to input an IF formula, where it tells the database to find windows and doors on all layers starting with 'P_'. Any ideas how this can be achieved, at the moment it appears that you can only select particular layers.



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