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  1. Good morning actually not a real problem, but a workflow that I would like to keep. Experimental setup: One building has 20 rooms. Each room should be equipped identically. As an example, we then have 20 rooms with one display, one LAN switch and three AVoIP devices. The switch is integrated into the overall network structure of the building. In order to be able to assign a room to each device in ConnectCad, ALL devices (i.e. all AVoIP devices) would have to be individually numbered and then located as equipment in the rack elevation. But that is not what I want. Due to the room id, all devices are clearly assigned and i want them to be numbered 1-3 like the AVoIP devices. Unfortunately, an additional database cannot be included in the evaluation of the circuits. Has someone happened to solve this task?
  2. Hands up for the possibility to choose what will be displayed at the 3D equipment. Sometimes it is not possible to show make and Modell regarding customer restrictions. mat the moment my workaround is to ungroup the item an delete make and Modell. For sure I the lose all the intelligence behind the process.
  3. One more thing to point at: when i change the angle of the external to 90 degrees, the text nearly disapears.
  4. Same here. When I zoom in an d out the text shows up. When i don't zoom you can only see the first letter. Opening the device doesn't make a different. Testet with clean osx and clean vwx installation. newest service pack etc.
  5. German Version please use: Gerätesymbole
  6. Hi Conrad, Happy new Year! transfer custom parameters: device: user 1 -> IP adresse | build equipment | equipment: user 1 -> blank i would love to transfer the information i already attached to the device and build a nice looking rack with some more information than name + make/model (<- separate classing would be lovely).
  7. HI is it possible (and how) to show user parameters added to a socket inside a circuit report? i know it all comes out af the databases. i know how to set up a custom report. that brings me to the point where to add more than one database into one report line. for example i want to show the circuit number plus an additional user information that belongs to the socket form device A and the user information belonging to the connected socket coming out of device B. Any thoughts on how to accomplish this? One more: how to transfer custom parameters from objects (devices) to equipment?
  8. Hi Conrad, i just tried your tip using the german vwx version with no success. Can't change the Symbol for existing and for new devices. Furthermore is there an way to add more fields for a circuit and to manage them usig the oip? Thanks!
  9. Hi what might be the best way to implement cee forms and powerlock to the signal and connection types?
  10. There is noch option at the moment. As Moritz Staffel (ceo of deersoft) mentioned during webinars they have this on their list for further releases. You can fake the legs by using hangingpoints. You can't calculate the bending of the legs.


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