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  1. Hi All, Wondering if you all have any tips or comment on the following. We are looking to resolve the issue of being too far from the internal origin when exporting the .dae file. When imported to Lumion it cannot be seen. The model is located in Vectorworks based on geo referenced data which we need to preserve. Where adding a user origin prior to export of a dwg, this will change the dwg origin. A user origin does not seem to change the origin of the .dae file. A workflow with design layer viewports will probably work, this is a but more involved and coordinating back with consultants using georeferenced data may be tricky. Finally, we have not yet upgraded to Lumion 9.3 to try LiveSync. are the same origin issues going to persist or is this handled in some other manner with LiveSync? Thanks, Oliver.
  2. I have recently switched to VW and as i am learning have found some things i think could be improved, i had thought maybe 2016 would resolve some. Below are some of my Vectorworks wishes that didn’t come true in 16. Please tell me if I am just not doing something correctly, (and the feature is actually there) otherwise I feel these would be beneficial features/fixes looking forward to 17. 1. Folders and subsets in the sheet layers. Enabling better organisation of multiple sets of drawings. 2. Automatic numbering of sheet layers. This is probably #1 for me. So as I add/remove or rearrange sheet layers the numbering (with a prefix) remains in order. 3. Layer list in navigation/organisation to include a background fill to text. It has no influence on the drawing/model purely for visual organisation/reference. Eg- I could have my all design layers green, nearmap- yellow, civil –blue etc.. 4. Automatic sorting of objects imported with a DWG into a new symbol folder, (for all the symbols from that dwg) 5. Create objects from shapes > to grade tool (creating instant networked grades and enabling curved grade calcs) 6. The attributes palette to have opacity control for both fill and outline independently. Or a check box to remain linked (as currently) this would allow a strong outline while adjusting the internal appearance as desired. I find I often create a duplicate to get this result. 7. Define the tick style in the plant definition with a check box option to override as a placement option. (similar to shadows) I feel a tick that acts as another distinguishing feature of a symbol- specific to a symbol, especially for CC docs, it is more useful than the same tick appearing on grass mass planting, then a 20m tree. 8. Smart edges to remain while using pan. 9. Inner boundary mode to work with hardscapes/paths 10. Hatch to stop duplicating on hardscapes when using the attribute mapping tool. (yes you can add solid background fill but this reduces the benefits of hatches) 11. Add plant photographs to a plant definition and then add them to a schedule. 12. Place/link a drawing label to a 2D symbol/imported image file and enable referencing to a detail marker (without having to create new symbol and convert to group) 13. Have a drawing label display the filename of a imported image, or name of a 2D symbol. 14. Select a pen colour by entering its pen number in the attribute palette.
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