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  1. Does anyone know of the syntax neccesary to access the parameters of a plug in object and use them as variables in Vector Script. Specificly, I would like to access (both read and write into variables) the parameter fields in the "Lighting Device" object in VWSpotlight. Thanks in advance, Jason
  2. Vectoreworks will allow me to put a light object into a symbol and adjuct each instance of the symbol seperately in object properties. However when I add a light object to a symbol and try inserting it as an instrument, that capability vanishes. I think incoperating this functionality into instruments (which I understand as symbols with extra properties) would allow at least some of the visualiztion we are craving. Moreover, allowing Gobo Projectors to be part of a symbol that creates an instrument would be amazing. Any ideas from anyone? Jason
  3. Am I going to cause any major operational problems by getting rid of some off the fields in the "Light Info Record". Specificly the "3D Symbol Name" and "Model Name" fields. I findd it kind of redundant to name the symbol 3 times. Does Spotlight access these records for anything I am not thinking about and moreover what was the intended difference between the three fields that essentially all name the symbol? Thanks, Jason
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