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  1. Do you know any other library that you could find materials for renderworks?
  2. I use Vectorworks 2015. The video was very usefull thank you. I do get how to show different views on the sheet layer, but I don't understant how to use the "section viewport". Also, what about if I want to show different customized views of my 3D model except from right isometric etc. ?
  3. Hello, Does anyone know if I could generate 2D elevations, sections and plans from a 3D model? Kony
  4. Thank you very much Dave!! That's exactly what I wanted!!
  5. I add on VECTORWORKS 2015 a serial key for RENDERWORKS and they work fine BUT I would like to download renderworks library (furniture, texture etc) and I don't know how. When I installed Vectorworks 2016 with Renderworks the other day (on another computer), I was asked if I wanted to install a vast library of renderworks with materials and furniture...but not when I add on the serial key of renderworks on vectorworks 2015. Any help? Where can I find renderworks furniture etc?
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