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  1. Well, I guess I mostly want to see it at the 1+ level, and then in a section later on... but if I place the initial door at 1+ and set the 1+ layer’s visibility as grey, it will be “visible” from the level 2 won’t it?
  2. Hello, I am still in the discovery phase of how everything works in VW... But I already ran into the first issue no forum or tutorial could help me with so far... I am working on a small residential building that will involve split levels. So far I have created stories every 1500 mm (the front of the building has numbers 0, 1, 2, etc... with heights of 0, 3000, 6000, etc... and the back has numbers 0+, 1+, 2+, etc... with heights 1500, 4500, 7500, etc...) I have created wall on the levels 1 and 2, and a slab at the back of that wall on level 1+. Now comes the tricky part: I need a door (eventually more than one) that is situated on level 1+ through both walls (level 1 and 2), but as it is now, the door appears but doesn't "cut" the wall. Should I draw the wall in between the split levels on the 1+ level then? Or just draw it on the ground floor and have it go up in one piece up until the roof? The screenshot shows the idea, you can see three slabs at levels 1 and 2 on the left and 1+ on the right, and the two walls on top of each other drawn on the same levels. The door is selected, at the moment drawn on level 1+.
  3. Well... Until there comes a built-in whatever to accommodate green roofs, that sounds like a decent solution! And more more elaborate shapes of roofs, I might just want to render a model of the soil+grass layer only, on top of some roof elements. In my head it makes sense at least, I'll be giving it a try next week I guess ^^
  4. Hello, Here is something I have not yet been able to discover how to do in Vectorworks. The design I am working on at the moment is supposed to receive a intensive green roof. Now, it can be that my scouting around the options of the roof tools was not good enough... But I have not found yet how I can make the top layers of the construction of my roof into respectively soil and grass... Anyone any tips/ideas? Thanks in advance!
  5. Hi, I am trying to get a design I am currently working on into Vectorworks. But there are a couple of things I plainly don't know how to approach. Around me, most people do work on Revit, but I must admit that for having given it a try myself... Not my thing! But one of the function everyone keeps on referring to seems not to exist in Vectorworks, I name the "roof by face" My design has a NURBS-based roof (say, shaped like a hill top), and is supposed to become an intensive green roof. The initial shaping has been made in Rhino, and for experiment's sake I imported just the roof's polysurface into VW. This is how the mass of the building will come to look like. From what I have discovered so far, the non-existence of the "Roof by face" function means I will have to build the roof like it would be build for real, first by setting some primary beams, then secondary, to create a grid where plates could be fitted. Though it might come across as an obstacle at first, I gather that in the end I will be thankful for that approach. But is it actually how I would need to do it? Or have I missed some "easier" method?
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