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  1. Hi- I've had problems updating too. While the updater is running I run out of disk space. I have about 1.5 GBytes free, then the updater eats it all. Upon quitting the free space returns to normal (sort of, after a re-boot at any rate). Any help would be appreciated, and Nemetschek - please please use a different updater than InstallerVise! A package update is much more elegant... [EDIT 2]: I downloaded the updater again, and re-ran it and it ran fine this time! Yea! Seems like maybe the original updater had a problem. Anyway, I still say: please use a package update rather than InstallerVise! [ 03-10-2005, 02:31 AM: Message edited by: Scott B ]
  2. While I agree that the pdf format is superior than dwf, the fact is dwf (like dwg) is what a client specifies on some projects, so like it or not it must be supported. That being the case, it would be great if VW allowed import/export of dwf files. For us Mac users, dwf format is a major pain as few good (if any, really) exist. In searching the posts, this has been asked for for a long time now, hopefully it gets incorporated.
  3. I second the structural steel tools with 2d/3d support - this would be great. Or better yet, extend it to be able to draw structural shapes as easy as any line - select two points and the shape is automatically drawn between, then a pop up allowing you to specify the member orientation. Of course copy, offset, trim, etc can be applied as well. Joists would be good, as would cold formed shapes and metal deck.


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