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  1. Hello, I've imported (dxf in) some 3D building elevation points into vectorworks which were recorded on site with a Leica total station. The points are numbered and recorded on sketches and record 3D position of windows, chimneys, roofs etc. When i view the points in vectorworks in 3D the crosses/loci shift to the correct XYZ but point numbers remains 2D. Is there a way to have the point number remain next to the crosses in 3D so i can identify points? Hope this makes sense. Thanks
  2. Hello, Is there a command in VW which allows a series of circles be drawn with same centre point. i currently have to select the same centre point each time i draw a circle. This is used for chaining on floor plan dimensions. Many thanks Jimmy
  3. The ability to select all items crossing the marquee when dragging the marquee left to right and selecting all item within the marquee when dragging right to left is a must have. Currently you need to press alt to select items crossing the marquee. Having to press a modifier key to undertake a fundamental operation does not make sense.
  4. Hello Jim, Yes locking layers along with classes would prove useful. However, the problem with classes is that there are generally more of them, so more time consuming to organise off/on. i generally have a class labelled 'off' where i dump items, particularly site survey data such as survey points, etc. i avoid deleting these items as they may be needed at some stage later. thanks jimmy
  5. A freeze button to allow classes to be frozen whilst other classes can be turned off, on, greyed. Alt selecting all classes allows you to turn all classes off on greyed but what if you want certain Classes permanently off or frozen?
  6. I need view ports like autocad with ability to split the screen with different views
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