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  1. Testing Mojave as well, also with VW2018. I can confirm that it is lagging a lot. Turning off the Object palette helps and as a workaround you can enter Values via right click-> properties. Also I noticed that since the newest Beta it looks like things speed up a bit but it is still slow but workable. But apart from that startup is quite slow as well. Haven't found any other major problems by now. If you really need VW2018 fully working and you don't have a different computer than your productive system then absolutely DON`T update....
  2. Thanks That worked well... Also put the text in a separate Class, that I can turn it on or off Regards
  3. Hi Everybody, is there an easy way to attach Length to Truss symbols? For example: I draw a truss plan and for the people that build it I wanne attach the length of each piece, that it makes it easy to know with piece goes where? Regards JK
  4. I know it might be a big thing but with integrating Chain Hoist Tools it would be really great to have a statics calculation for trusses etc. based on weights of lamps and cabling. Truly miss that and it would be really helpful. Here is an example of what I mean: Let`s say we have a 12m truss FD 34 and two hanging points. The truss is hung with 2x 500kg Loadstar Motors. On that truss there will be 10x Moving lights and 8 Fresnel with Plugboxes and Socapex cables not evenly spread across the 12m. What will the Point load be for each hanging point? How much will the FD 34 truss bend? This would be absolutely a great feature...
  5. Thank you Completely forgot about the Visualization Palette... That helps... But the rest remains..
  6. I´m working a lot with Spotlight/w Renderworks. It came up to that in todays time, where you have quite a lot of fixtures in the rigg it would be super cool to: 1. create easy beam spreads without creating a focus point for every fixture. would make it much easier to create Air Fx. 2. Turning on every light is a pain. Right now I´m working on a Rendering with 300+ fixtures. There should be an option to turn on/off all lights, or defined Groups. 3. There should be some kind of Group Tool for Lights. Regards JK
  7. cool, thanks for the information...
  8. Thanks for the answer. I know that I can´t just drag them. Normally they should become active with double clicking... But they won´t. Double clicking makes another fixture active or opens a PopUp where I have to choose the Symbol I want. I tried the same in 2015 and 2014, there it works as aspected. I´m running 2016 with the latest Service Pack. It more seems to me like a bug. regards JK
  9. Hi, I´m already working on VW 2016 Designer w. Renderworks. Could it be that there is a bug within the Library from Spotlight? I added some JB Lighting A12 and a few HighEnd SolaSpot LED to my drawing. When I add them they show up as a Symbol 2D/3D and not as a Lighting device. So I have have to convert them all to a Instrument with the object conversion. After converting, I can´t get any light out of them (in final quality render mode) even when adding all the necessary data into the Light records... Regards JK
  10. Hi there, I use Spotlight in VW 2016 on a daily basis and there is something that is a bit annoying : In my company we are using Eurotruss FD Truss. So when I´m drawing plans I like to use the FD Truss symbols that come with Vectorworks instead of the straight or curved Truss tools from the Spotlight.Cause a lot of times you need corners, t-pieces and stuff like that and I can more easily create a "shopping list" for my warehouse by using VW Reports and worksheets. Also quite a lot of times you need to rotate them into 3D to create Ground Supports, Truss Towers on stage or other 3D constructions. At the moment it is a bit of a pain to do that. Since we are talking about a hybrid symbol (yes I understand the nature of a 2D/3D Symbol) at the moment it is only possible with a workaround. Edit the Symbol: delete the 2D components and work with just the 3D part. But that is a lot of work and it changes the look of my plans. So my feature suggestions is: Can you make it possible and more comfortable to work with the manufacturer symbols that are provided with Vectorworks? Ground supports, truss towers on stage and the use of corners are a pretty essential thing in lighting design. Regards


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