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  1. This worked me as well, at least on my computer today. Hope it holds. Thanks
  2. Just updated VW to SP2, same problem.
  3. I can add that when I go into the symbol and go out again it fixes the problem for that symbol, and all its instances. But when I group them again it goes back to being invisible.
  4. When I group objects, symbols become invisible but still there, this happens in wiremode for me. Sometimes it works to just rerender to OpenGL and back to wiremode. Symbols are mostly 2016 and older. All objects have same class, "ingen" in my language. Active class is "ingen", and active layer is visible. I use 2017SP1, and problems occur on both mac and pc, and on three pc's I have tried. I have tried to change stuff in preferences, but nothing works. I have seen post on this since November but I have seen no solutions. Have someone found a solution to this problem?
  5. Thanks bcd, it worked perfectly!
  6. Like this. Simply subtracting a plane object will not create a constant slope along the edge of the pipe.
  7. I want to draw a shape into the end of a pipe (solid). Today I have to subtract other solids from the pipe end to create the shape i want. What I want to be able to do is something like folding a 2d shape onto the pipe and cut, as this is what the production departement have to do (I make a cutting-template for them to tape onto the pipe). I know the 2D-profile I want. The problem with subraction with solids like cubes is that the slope created on the pipe will differ depending on angle. Creating a helix is a possibility but not very easy to work with. Anyone know of a method I can use for this?
  8. When I open one document it opens fine, but when I try to open a second document it crashes. Is this a known issue? Any fixes? System: Win10 64bit Geforce 980ti
  9. It seems like not all object naming in vectorworks works the same. Records, symbols, classes seem to have some rules to how they should be named. Do anyone have some rules that I can use. I have been having some bugs with symbols that disappears, and I think it might be because of naming issues. I use a nordic keyboard, where "æøå" is used. Vectorworks seems to accept this in some instances. e.g. in class names, and not in others, e.g. records.
  10. By database I mean a MS-access file that contains the tables of data I want to link to my symbols in Vectorworks. An example could be Butterfly valve DN100 PP, that have column entries of Type:Butterflyvalve, Nominal Diameter:100, and Material:Polypropylen. I have linked my database file to my Vectorworks document. Then made a record format from the database, which gives a record with "Type", "Nominal Diameter" and "Material" as posts. I can now use the record for any object in my document. I just click the object of choice, e.g. a symbol of the abovementioned valve, and then choose to link it to the entry in my database that fits its description. When I now change the entries in my database file, the record format in my Vectorworks file also changes. Now to the thing I don't know how to do (if it is even possible). When I go into the symbol from my resource browser, and tries to link my database to the default symbol records I can't. At least I don't know how to do it. Hoped it cleared up my problem description a bit. Thanks for any replies.
  11. Is this something people don't know, or is it such a stupid question that no one even bothers to answer it? Bump.
  12. Hi, I have a rather large database that contains all the data I want to attach to my symbol library. I have managed to connect the database to Vectorworks, and can now attach records from my database table to any objects in my drawings. My problem arises when I want to attach the records from my database to a symbol default records. I select my symbol in the Resource Browser, edit 3d component, and go to data. It now reads *SYMBOL DEFAULTS*. I can now attach any records manually, but this is not what I need. I want to attach the records from my database like I can do with a selected object, but when I press the "Object Database Connection"-button I get a message that says that I need a single object to do this. So how can I by default connect my database to the default records? I have one way that kinda works. I can select an object inside the symbol and connect all my data this way, sort of indirectly to my symbol. But this way my records are not visible from outside the symbol, so it isn't exactly elegant. But the goal of being able to write out bill of materials are sort of achieved. Anyone know if there exist a solution to my problem? Thanks
  13. Will running 2x1440p and 1x4k monitors be ok on a 980ti?
  14. I am probably investing in a third monitor, and I'm wondering if anyone are using large 4k monitors. I'm considering a 1440p 32 inch as well, seeing that this not will make everything tiny. I don't know if VW2016 have fixed scaling issues at ultra high resolutions. Anyone have any experience?
  15. Hi, Thanks for the answer! This lead on to a train of thought that gave us an usable solution.
  16. Hi, My company have lots of symbols of fittings and plastic piping parts in our library. We now want to make use of record formats and database links to automate bill of materials and quote calculation. In our workflow we need to be able to subtract from symbols, e.g. by cutting an elbow bend to size. We still want the record formats from the full size elbow that is inside the cut or the solid subtraction which this method creates. I can't find a way to collect the record format from inside these objects, does anyone know how to do this? Thanks for any help on this.
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