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  1. Hi,


    I want to make an illustration with say N different components, say A, B, C, and so on. I want to export PDFs with different visibility permutations for the components. E.g. for one PDF I only want A and B to show, for another I only want B and C to show, and so on. As you can understand, the number of permutations will quickly get really high, and the time it will take to do this manually is to long.

    I'm sure this could be scripted, either with marionette, python or vectorscript, but I would like to be pointed in the right direction before digging to deep into this. Anyone know how to attack this problem?


    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  2. I'm trying to introduce Data Tag into our workflow for Tagging Symbols, eg. valves in P&ID. I can't find a way to get them reported in a worksheet. I do find the Data Tags as plug in symbols but I can't get the actual Tag-text. Anyone know how to do this?

  3. Is it possible to lock the program to only use the Screen Plane? For some reason the program seems to keep changine the plane to Screen Adjusted and Layer Plane, even after changing the Document Settings.


    Problem is that suddenly objects have moved into the third axis without us knowing, which in some cases can be catastrofic if not spotted.

  4. I need some tips on topography and Vectorworks. I'm a total newbie on this, so I need you to be gentle.


    Where can I find topographical data (Norway)?

    How do I make a topographical 3D-map in Vectorworks from this?


    Any help will be appreciated.



  5. Hi,


    I have tested a few computers rendering a large model, filesize 1 GB. My "Old" computer did it in 1:41, having i7-6700 @3,4 GHz, boost up to 4 GHz. Our new Ryzen computer, having a fabric clocked 1800X, did it in 1:38.


    Not much extra speed on the render.


    What I see is that the "symbols"part, prerender, and edge part of the render is not utilizing the processor at all, and it's just the pure rendering part where the processor goes full tilt. I think the i7 is par or maybe a bit faster than the Ryzen in single thread, so it seems most of what we at our company has thought of rendertime is not actually rendering but some kind of single threaded operation.


    It seems like a i7-7700K overclocked would be a good bet for a faster CPU for rendering viewports for Vectorworks.


    Does anyone who have a bit more knowledge on this?


  6. We are probably investing in a couple of new computers soon and I'm wondering if the new AMD powerhouse will be a good processor for Vectorworks.


    We have done some in house tests on render times, and it is pretty clear that multiple cpu cores with as high clock as possible, and ram with high speed and timings have an impact on render time.


    Will Ryzen be supported? Ryzen have 8 cores and 16 threads, and supports memory up to at least 3200 MHz.

  7. PAT: SP3 is not available for Norwegians I guess...


    UPDATE: The deletion happens when I update my drawing in the morning #projectsharinglolz. After a long work day on my laptop yesterday, when I came back to my desktop computer today and updated the drawing more symbols were deleted and replaced by locus points. I'm starting to expect something that maybe will make me look stupid...


    I have a Dropbox depository (a file with symbols) where I drag all my symbols into my drawing. I try to maintain a level of structure inside my drawing file as well, but mostly I just get the symbols from the depository, even if the symbol exists inside my drawing from before, and here might be the reason for my troubles. I usually just overwrite my symbols inside my drawing since I'm more sure of the symbols in my depository than my drawing, I guess it is called "overwrite and replace" or something like that? This works just fine when working on a single file, but maybe it causes problems for the updating of the work-file?

  8. Michaelk:


    The class inside of the symbol is None, the symbol has different class. And None and the symbol class is visible. 3D symbols.


    The symbol is not invisible, it is gone, and left is a locus point.


    I also have problems with zoom, where most of the drawing becomes invisible. But this is fixed by restarting VW (most times).

  9. The issues with Vectorworks 2017 is stacking up.


    The latest issue is that some symbols are simply disappearing. It disappears when opening the documents in the morning, I don't think they disappear while in session. Funny is that it leaves a locus point with the symbol's record format attached...


    Anyone having similar problems? Any solutions?

  10. I have the same problem on my laptop at home. I connect it to a monitor and make it the main screen, then I put the palettes on to my laptop monitor, now my secondary screen. The dropdown menu don't work properly on my laptop screen, but works perfectly on my main screen giving me the down arrow so that I can move down the list.

  11. The pictures show the problem I'm having on my projects where I have alot of layers. On my usual "palette"-monitor, the horizontal monitor, I can't see the bottom layers, and not even the button to move down the list. When using the keyboard to move down the list I don't get a indication what layer is currently being highlighted. When I move the palette over to my vertical monitor I can see the whole list and the button. When I then move the palette down such that the bottom of the palette is out of the screen I get the drop-down menu lifted such that I can see all the layers.


    Is there a way to keep using my horizontal monitor for this palette or do I have to move it to my vertical monitor?


    First world problem, I know... 

    Dropdown horizontal monitor.png

    Dropdown vertical monitor 2.png

    Dropdown vertical monitor.png

  12. On 5.3.2017 at 2:41 PM, Sebastiaan said:

    I have the exact same problem. My workaround is to group the selection twice and then undo once to end up with one group again. This solves the disappearing geometry always. 


    Cmd+G cmd+G cmd+Z 

    This worked me as well, at least on my computer today. Hope it holds.



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