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  1. I think there was an option that symbols can be inserted to the working plane instead of layer plane, cant find it... anyone knows ?
  2. halfcouple

    insert symbol on working plane

    uups, got it,- it's simply the ALT-key ... ( on windows )
  3. halfcouple

    Rendering Viewport turns everything black

    Thats it ! I changed from png to jpeg for some testing reason a few days ago. When switching back everything works normal again. It seems that switching to jpeg toggels the rendering mode (on Windows). - When jpeg is active the RW Background is working in open GL and produces a black background when set to "None". - When png is active the RW Background produces a white background when set to "None", all others produce black. Bug or Feature ? 😉 Thanks much for Help! Georg
  4. halfcouple

    Rendering Viewport turns everything black

    Just did some testing, you are right, this is something else: - Although it's an Open GL Rendering, it seems to respond to the Renderworks background settig, if none is selected then it appears black. ( But it should be white ) Setting the RW Background of the VP to "HDRI white" makes the Open GL rendering appear with white background as before. Maybe this is a change in SP3 ? - I have this issue with every file and every Viewport. At first I thought is is some settings in my template file, but it is the same with a blank document. Maybe I accidently changed some VW preferences, but I can't imangine which ones. Here is a sample file: Rendering Background.vwx Maybe someone can test it with other preferences settings, so I can be shure its my settings that are wrong ?
  5. halfcouple

    Rendering Viewport turns everything black

    Today the black devil showed up again. No chance with duplicating the viewport. This is an open GL rendering. Something is definitely wrong here.
  6. halfcouple

    Custom Stair Tool- My own fault

    Progress is man's ability to complicate simplicity. Thor Heyerdahl
  7. halfcouple

    Rendering Viewport turns everything black

    No image effects applied, the problen does also occur with rendereig design layers.
  8. I got stuck with this, maybe someone can help ? I want to create a marionette object that can be mirrored via OIP either on its x-axis, or on a center line parallel to y-axis, or both of them. The first of the two work fine, but I can't get a combination of both to work. The Valve node for mirroring the y-axis kills the x-axis Valve and vice versa. I wonder if Valve nodes are the best choice at all for this task... mirror.vwx
  9. halfcouple

    two or more Valve nodes, which one takes presidence ??

    no problem @ IJSSEL , I love to see people being interested in my posts 🙂 meanwhile I have played around a bit, the problem seems not to be the valve node, but the mirror node. I have made a separate wrapper for YX mirroring and here the same problem appears: No effect on X-Mirroring when Y-Mirroring was done before. Next step will be to try with Flip nodes.... As soon as I find time for that. mirror.vwx
  10. halfcouple

    Rendering Viewport turns everything black

    I have the same issue with VW 19 SP 3.1. Not only with viewports but also when rendering design layers. Either changes are not acceptect, or it renders a black screen.
  11. halfcouple

    Flowcharts for Speakers

    Wow ! using VW for 15 years now, never found that tool ! Great way to make "quick&dirty" cable plans for smaller jobs...
  12. halfcouple

    Title block madness

    Can't hold me back from commenting this ( just some thoughts when I read this ) : I fear it's the opposite that is the unavoidable reality,- the computer does the drawing and we have to learn the language the machine understands. Creativity with drawing pictures is only when you use pen and paper. Don't know how others do that, but actually my projects always start with some ideas scribbled on a piece of paper. Maybe someone here starts with freehand lines in VW ? It's a crazy brave new world we are in. I fear we are the last generation that has the chance to understand what the machines do since the machines are not (yet) perfect with WYSIWYG. Later generations will only have WYSIWYG and they will belive that this is the real world.
  13. halfcouple

    two or more Valve nodes, which one takes presidence ??

    Thanks Marissa, I diddn't think this was so complicated... Just thought that I could try to use the Flip3D node plus moving the object to the correct positon afterwards, to avoid mirroring.
  14. halfcouple

    Vector addition

    got it ! Thanks :-)))
  15. halfcouple

    Vector addition

    Is there a node for this or do I have to make three single additions for each axis ?
  16. ok, the rule seems to be that there are 2 differend types of extrudes, (please correct me if I'm wrong): - 1) Extrudes based on non closed 2D-polylines, which apper as "shell-extrusion" - 2) Extrudes with other (vector-) mathematical definition like circle, oval, rectangle, closed polygons and arc, which appear as "solid-extrusion" The only way to get the "shell-extrusion" from the second type is to convert it to non closed 2D-polygons before extruding Extract tool is no option for getting extrudes, since it results in a nurbs surface, not in an extrude.
  17. Just stumbled over this, maybe someone here finds it helpful: The Select Similar tool has two modes: The second mode is to search only within selected objects, so when selecting all objects within a clip cube the Select Similar tool can affect only these objects. So no need to have a special tool for this.
  18. How about this: There should be an option in the select simlar tool settings "This selection affects only objects within the clip cube range". There are often certain objects which need to be selected out, that are in a defined aerea on a layer, but not all of these objects on a layer should be selected. Clip Cube would be the ideal tool to define this aerea.
  19. I think in the end it's a mathematical problem, if you want to keep the measurements and the locations precise, the vectors of the boraders will always point to the same line. The only way to differentiate the lines is to send them either to front or to back. No chance to show them simultaneously. Something else you could try is to experiment with the double line tool. This tool allows you to draw a second line beside the original line, which could be something like the "inner boarder" that shows up in the viewport but is not in the calculations.
  20. Have you tried to create several viewports, one for each property , crop them and place them adjacent or with some gap beneath each other on the sheet layer ?
  21. I want to create a marionette object out of an existing symbol. For example the symbol should get an x-parameter that moves the symbol in x-axis by this value or is mirrored along two parameter points. How do I tell the network which symbol should be handled ? Do I have to put the symbol into the wrapper or do I have to put the wrapper into the symbol definition? Or do I have to convert the symbol to a group and handle this group with a special node ? How do I create such a plug in object ? All example networks I found do the drawing from scratch, which is "draw a line or rectangle and do with it whatever the nodes say". But what I want is: "Take this symbol or group and do what the nodes say". I was successful with creating marinoette menu commands which use the [Objs by Crit] - node and does what I want with the object that matches the criteria. But I want to have Objects with marionette parameters in a library that can inserted to my file. ( = Object nodes with "pre-defined drawing" ? ) I fear I'm completely tapping in the dark, and maybe completely misundestand the use of Marionette.... Maybe someone can show me a simple example file with a symbol or group that is somehow controlled by marionette ?
  22. Ooooooh, seems to be that simple: Symbol and nodes within the wrapper, wrapper converted to object node .... that's it ! Something has blocked my brains ! Thanks much !
  23. Just playing around with some wiring diagrams, checking things out... - Is it right that the multicable tool does not work in 3D with 3D polygons ? (except having the 2D polygons as layer plane objects),- It would be great to draw 3D polygons all across the venue and have this as cable tray. - does anyone know wether it is possible to offset the Break Out labels and the cable length labels like it works in the dimensionig tool ?
  24. halfcouple

    Multicable Tool ( Spotlight )

    ok, should have done this earlier, I asked google and all is answered in this great video 😀


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