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  1. Okay, thank you for the information!
  2. Hi, My current plot date short format in VW is MM/dd/yy but my computer regional settings are dd/MM/yy. any way to point VW to my own pc's regional settings? Thank you VW: PC:
  3. I find it the quickest way to draw a custom shape by starting with a rectangle and then adjusting accordingly. But now I always have to do the conversion first. For example: When drawing a rectangle and trying to add vertexes with the reshape tool we first need to convert the rectangle to polygon before we can add vertexes: Following operations don't work on rectangles with the reshape tool: - Add/remove vertices - Hide/show edges - Change vertex mode Is it possible to implement an auto convert to polygons when trying to do these reshapes? Thank you, Bert
  4. Thanks Vasil! Although I also had to uncheck "Export Layers as Separate Files" to don't let it create the extra folder:
  5. Does anyone know why the snapping palette is different than all the other palettes?For example, compared to the tool sets palette: The layout of the title bar: The tool sets, can be docked to the sides of your window like this. But the snapping palette can't: If you want to dock it somewhere it can only be added like a menu command bar. And I don't think that any other palette can fill the space in the extra bar that is created by the snapping palette. Any reasons for this different behavior? (these screenshots are taken on VW2018 for windows) Thank you, Bert
  6. I've tested your file and have the same result as you: dashed in VW2017. Full line in VW2018. I've also noticed the following strange behaviour in another file I've added: Design layer scale is set to 1:20. And when looking at the design layer in top plan I see the following: in ISO: TOP: In the top and iso view, the dashed line is not shown as properly as in the top/plan view. I don't have this issue in VW2017: test_dashed.vwx
  7. Thanks TSW! Indeed it works by changing the pen style of the line to class style and changing the pen style of the class to a dashed line. I see the dashed class dashed in the hidden line section viewport (in VW2017). Although it's strange that it doesn't work when just changing the pen style of a specific line...
  8. It is indeed just a line in a 3D plane. Both the options are checked:
  9. Hi all, When I draw a line on a 3D plane with line type set to dashed: And I create a section viewport that shows this line (hidden line render mode), I get the following result: Anyone has an idea how to display this line as a dashed line in the section viewport? EDIT: Design and Sheet layer have the same scaling set (1:10) Thank you, Bert
  10. I think it would be nice to have a menu command that updates all the viewports on the selected sheet layer. Now we can only update all viewports (of the file), or update the selected viewports. When we update all viewports of the file, we need to wait longer. Specially when you have a lot of interiorcad cabinets in your drawings. And when we update selected viewports, we first have to select them all. Thank you, Bert
  11. I just use vectorworks 2017 for the first file on screen 1 and vectorworks 2016 for the other file on screen 2
  12. I needed this function in the past and made a little script for it. It works as follows: Double clicking the symbol opens this window: You can change the prefix to your liking. The number ("Nr") field is the start value of the counter. The "materiaal" field adds a material or some other subtext. So when you select the tool with these preferences and just start clicking, you'll get the following result: The script places normal text boxes which can be edited later on. You can also press delete at this stage to delete the placed labels and when you continue clicking, the counter continues. (for when you quickly need to start at a higher number) Or you can just change the startnumber in the settingsmenu: And get this result: This is the code: VAR x1,y1: REAL; Prefix: STRING; Nr: STRING; Material: STRING; Text: STRING; h: HANDLE; cmdHd: HANDLE; Length: INTEGER; PosEnter: INTEGER; BEGIN Prefix:= PPrefix; Nr:= PNr; Material:= PMateriaal; WHILE (true) DO BEGIN GetPt(x1,y1); TextOrigin(x1+10, y1-10); Text:= Concat(Prefix, Nr, Chr(13), Material); Length := Len(Text); PosEnter := Pos(Chr(13), Text); CreateText(Text); h:= LNewObj; SetTextFont(h, 0, Length, GetFontID('Arial')); SetTextSize(h, 0, PosEnter, 10); SetTextStyle(h, 0, PosEnter, 1); SetTextSize(h, PosEnter, Length-PosEnter, 7); SetZoom(GetZoom); Nr:= Num2Str(0, Str2Num(Nr)+1); END; END; Run(LabelVS); I've added the tool to the attachment. You can just drop it in your plug-ins folder and add it with the Workspace editor. (I think it will be in the Fplus folder) Maybe Vectorworks will create a Pro tool, but I hope this helps in the meantime. Label VS.vst
  13. Hi John, We've been using interiorcad classic for around 5 years now. Since 2014-2015 we've been using the Vectorwop module to create CNC-programs. The classic version indeed has some very frustrating limitations and bugs. We've worked around some of these bug with a python script that we've developed in-house that reads all the CNC files and cutting lists and automatically adjusts them according to the available information. But of course it's still very limited compared to the software of the competitors. Since late 2015 we've started testing the new cabinetmaker. The "engine" looks indeed very promising but the tools around them are still being developed. In the beginning of this year, with version 2017 F1 or F2, we thought it was operational and started some projects with it. But because of some bugs and undeveloped features at that moment, we immediately decided to return to the classic cabinetmaker. So indeed like what Woodychips says, the wait is really long. And they don't have a complete solution at the moment. The old one has lots of limitations and is sometimes buggy (but we know when to be careful). The new one seems very promising and the stuff that is already developed is great! But there are still some bugs/missing features which makes it unfit for operation for us. We have also tested Topsolid and watched demo's of others like Imos, CAD+t, Korpus, ... In our opinion Topsolid came out as best at that moment (spring 2016). It's way more complete and you can put everything in parameters and formulas. But it's not as easy to draw in as in Vectorworks. (our team exists out of architects and interior architect) So we do believe that once the new cabinetmaker will be finished it will have more advantages. It will be way more simple to use than topsolid. We haven't seen the easiness of placing hinges, connectors or drawers in any other program. Also the way you can create custom fittings looks wonderful. And I'm a big fan of the choice for Python as program language for vectorwop 3D! The amount of updates that happens also show the efforts they put in the development. They're already at F6 for this year. You can follow their development here: https://conf.extragroup.de:8443/#all-updates
  14. Any news if there are plans for this feature? With the upcoming possibilities to edit objects within viewports in VW2018, I think it would be a great feature if we can also hide that single object for that certain viewport.
  15. I think I explained myself not so well. We can indeed open library files from the resource folder (already in vw2017). But once they are opened, we can't switch the active file to another already opened file from within the resource browser. For example: I have 2 drawings opened (customer POOR and WILD). WILD is now the active file so I see the drawing of this customer in my main window. But when I right click on POOR I can only choose "Show in explorer" and "Add selected file to Favorites". I cannot make this file the active one. So, the ability to switch the active file (which drawing is seen in the main window) from within the resource browser is a function I've missed a couple of times already in VW2017. :-)
  16. Hi Jim, Any idea if my request in the link below can be added to the resource browser?
  17. I'm having the following issues: When I have for example 2 extrudes, on the same Z-plane: And I want to move them when I'm in the top view (or any not isometric/custom view) and layer plane is active: The result I want with this is that point A is on D and B is on C. But sometimes it brings A on C or B on D because I can't control which point to snap to from the top view. A great help would be you can't move the object "in/out your screen" when the view is in front/back, side or top/bottom. A bit like how screen plane works but without the need to switch to screen plane every time. Then when I'm on screen plane and I want to move this same extrude in a custom view it get messed up and the object is on a random location (you see this when you rotate the camera a little bit): So to wrap things up: The first issue can be prevented if the user first changes to screen plane, the second issue can be prevented if the user first changes back to layer plane. But the user (specially me) mostly forgets to switch and sees the problem too late and has to adjust afterwards. Imo: A great solution would be if the objects can't move in or out of your screen if you're looking from side, front, back, bottom or top and layer plane is active. And moving objects (that are not on the screen layer) in a custom 3d view with screen plane active doesn't end up like the example above. I actually only use screen plane to prevent the first issue above and when I want to quickly measure for example the vertical distance between 2 points that are not aligned along the same Z axis. If this can be integrated in layer plane/automatic. I don't need to switch any more. 🙂 Kind regards, Bert
  18. Hi, When I make a section viewport, the advanced settings are as follow by default: I always change it to: In VW 2015 my last preferences were automatically saved, so when I made a new section viewport in the same file, I didn't need to change these settings. Now in VW 2017 I have to change the settings every time. Is there some setting I have to change in 2017 so it will remember my preferences? Thank you, Bert
  19. I think it would be great if I can switch between my files from tree view in the resource browser. Just press right click on an opened file and select activate. A bit like how you can "Open" or "Show in explorer" for unopened files. Thank you, Bert
  20. Please allow us to exclude the camera positions from the undo/redo history. Now I have to do several undo's to see my camera going all over the place before I have my (geometric) adjustment undone. edit: I think it's already implemented :
  21. Hi, The problem I'm having recently is that when right clicking vectorworks in my windows taskbar it shows all the files created and imported in vectorworks. Even the published .pdf files. So when I need to reopen a file (and vectorworks is not opened yet), I want to right click the vw icon and select my file. But my recent file list is filled with 'junk' that can't be opened from this menu, for exampke (.skp, .pdf, .jpg, ...) Is there a way to filter this list for "*.vwx" files? Thank you, Bert
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