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  1. I just checked out your marionette. 


    The "Create Custom Object" node seems great, any hint where I can find the naming of the objects? Like Drilling 3D is "XG CPDrilling"? CenterPunch is ..., ...

    Is there also a node to adjust the properties of the created drilling object? By propertyname for example?

    I can only find SetIFCProperty which has input object, name and value but not sure if these are the same as object properties. 


    If that's possible, I think it's not such a big deal that I (or extragroup?  @Stephan Moenninghoff🙂) create a library with these "Create Custom object"-networks wrapped into InteriorCad nodes?


    Kind regards,


  2. Wow thanks for going to such lengths to test this!


    The reason I asked about this is because I would like to create the Hawa Concepta pivot and sliding door drilling pattern with a marionette.


    MON_XX_Hawa_Concepta_25_30_30182 (1).pdf

    In the pdf in the attachment you can find the manual with the drilling pattern for this fitting.

    As you can see below, the positioning is parametric with parameters like EH, Q, ...



    At the moment I just place a NC-macro 3D on the part and fill in some parameters in the record.

    In NC-hops, I have programmed the drilling pattern according to this macro and the parameters. 



    The big downside on this is that I don't see the fitting in 3D. 


    So because I can't see the fitting and drilling in 3D I was looking into this direction to use a marionette so that I can place a 3D drilling with depth ="depth" and diameter="dia" on position x="EH/2" and Y= "26" for example. And accordingly place some extrudes parametrically that resemble this fitting.


    So you're not sure this is a stable way to go?


    Thank you for your help.


  3. On 9/1/2022 at 8:05 PM, DomC said:

    At the end, those objects would not be able to "marry" with the interior custom parts if they are inside a Marionette PIO.

    Do you mean that if for example I make a parametric marionette which contains Drilling 3D objects and I place this marionette object in my drawing on some custom parts that the drillings wont be connected to the custom part? So on CNC export the drillings are lost?


    Thanks for the information.

  4. Hi,


    Is there a library for marionette which contains the Interiorcad objects, like NC-macro 3D, Drilling 3D, Dado 3D,...?


    So that the marionette can create and place these object according to the script?


    For example how you can place a line:


    Or should we place it in a control group and try to adjust it's properties with some node? I wasn't able to get this one to work.




    Best regards,



  5. I'm indeed changing the viewport drawing title, which is not unique. I'm not changing the viewportname (this is unique).


    Thank you for suggesting a script. But I think that the expected behavior would be that I can just change the drawing title of multiple selected viewports at the same time. 
    It's like selecting 20 rectangles and changing their width in the OIP. They all change to the new width.


    So If I want multiple viewports to have the same drawing title, I would prefer not going through the hassle to activate a script for this simple operation but just do my adjustment in the OIP. This would make the behavior consistent as with other properties of other objects (like the rectangle example).

  6. Hi,


    When I select multiple viewports and I try to change the drawing title of all of them only one is renamed.


    Please see the screenshots, I have 3 section viewports and I try to rename them to 'vertical cut'.




    After entering the drawing title only one is renamed:



    Is this a bug that not all the viewports get the new title?

    Would be a time saver for me if I don't have to go to every viewport and copy paste the same name in.






  7. @Christiaan


    I'm not sure if you mean this with your explanation. But we're missing Hidden line with displaying the textures/colors of the objects. 
    A bit like OpenGL but without the need to up de DPI settings of the sheet to get a clean result. 
    If we boost the DPI settings, other hidden line viewports take forever to render.

    So we mostly just draw colored polygons on our viewport:


    Left one is without coloring, right one is with manually coloring on the viewport itself.

    Would be a big improvement if there was a Hidden line with colors ofcourse.



  8. Hi,


    One of the biggest issues we're having is the wait time when rendering hidden line section viewports.

    Our production environment is still VW2021. I've tested VW2022 but doesn't seem to be a big improvement.

    We use InteriorCad to draw our cabinets.
    From the moment a layer contains cabinets, rendering performance takes a big hit. Rendering simple extrudes,... is no issue.


    Settings have been optimized to hide classes with a lot of detail.

    Raster Render DPI has been reduces to 33 for the sheet.

    Hidden line rendering settings have been optimized to this:


    3D conversion Resolution has been set to Low. 


    But why is only 7% of my CPU utilized? Can't this be increased to speed this up?




    Are there any other settings I can change to speeds this up?

    (I can't hide any more classes, layers or geometry)





    Best regards,





  9. Hi,


    I have the following issue:

    When I create a 2nd viewport on sheet 1 and the checkbox "Name viewport as Dwg No./Sheet No." is checked. It receives the name "2/1".




    When I then duplicate this viewport on this sheet, (just to change some visible classes for example). The name of the duplicate is 2/2 and not 3/1 as one would expect:



    This gives the issue that when I create a 2nd viewport on sheet 2 with the auto naming checkbox selected that I get a naming conflict because 2/2 already exists on sheet 1...




    So is it possible to fix this that duplication of a viewport changes the name according to the autonaming convention "dwg no/sheet no"?


    Or even better in my opinion: Change the auto naming of a viewport to "sheet no/dwg no", then the duplicate viewport logic can remain the same.




    Kind regards,







  10. Hi,


    I've noticed that the DXF export sometimes changes the polyline direction. This behavior happens since VW2021. Before I didn't have this issue.

    It's really important for us to keep the polyline direction as we use these lines for milling on our CNC machine.


    In the file in the attachement you can find 2 design Layers. The first one is "Export". Here I have 2 polylines with the direction as show in this image from top to bottom.




    After exporting with these settings:



    I noticed that the right polyline has it direction inversed during the export.


    After importing, you can see this in the "Import" design layer:





    Is this a bug, or some settings that has to be changed?


    Thank you,

    Best regards,





  11. 15 hours ago, MartinBlomberg said:

    how do I check this on a Windows 10 machine?


    You can go to task manager, then select your GPU. Move a bit around in vectorworks and see if the gpu gets any workload.





    Or you can check per application in the task manager:




    I also find vectorworks really slow. especially when there're many section viewports in your file. 


  12. Hi,


    Is the insertion point of symbols broken? Whenever I create a symbol and I chose the insertion point somewhere in the middle of the symbol, VW just ignored this and takes the bottom leftmost point as the insertion point. When I edit the symbol I see that the zero point of the symbol is on the insertion point I had picked. But VW seems to ingore this when inserting the symbol.


    Example of symbol:



    When inserting, the leftmost bottom point is used as insertion point:



    Thank you,

    Best regards,


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