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  1. Well, it was a royal hassel, but doing a clean install of the OS cleared up the font problems for me too. (I don't have Adobe Type Manager installed at all). Don't know what was causing the problem to begin with. I'd like to find out, for curiosity sake if nothing else. I've done the 9.01 to 9.5 update on two other Mac G3's in our office and did not encounter the same problem. CEA, thanks for blazing the trail ahead of me.
  2. CEA, Thanks for the suggestion. I tried re-installing the operating system (updating to OS 9.2 while I was at it), but it did not make a difference for me. The problem is still there.
  3. I have just updated from VW Arch 9.01 to 9.5 on a Power Mac G3 (OS 9.1) and now have a problem with fonts. First, when opening a 9.01 document in 9.5 a Font Mapping diolouge box appears telling me the fonts in the drawing are not available (they actually are). Just to see what would happen I went through the font mapping to change the fonts, but it didn't work. Second, the font selection part of the TEXT drop-down menu is ineffective. It does not indicate (with checkmark) what the default font is. It will not let me change the default font. It does not indicate the font of selected text. And it will not let me change the font of the selected text (or sometimes will change it to some unknown font regardless of the font I select). There are a few fonts that seem to work - all beginning with the letter A, none of which I use in my drawings. This problem does not occur using VW Arch 9.01.


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