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  1. Hi all, First of all thanks for all of your feedback. The feedback from our users was what shaped the Export C4D Options task and reading that you liked it means a lot. As for the Import C4D Materials feature, the imported textures will mostly look the same as they do in C4D. However, our licensing is very different than a commercial license and we do not have access to most of the fancy reflectance channel stuff. Fortunately though, if you export the scene to Cinema, you'll be able to see the effects coming from those.
  2. Hi EAlexander, The major difference about the symbols and instances between the new export and the old one is that, in the old version we were treating the first instance of a symbol as the definition of the symbol and now we are putting all the symbol definitions under the Symbols null and making them invisible in the scene. Other than this, there's not a difference in how they behave. If you wanted to change something about a group of instances, you can just go change the symbol definition under the Symbols header and all the instances that are linked to it will change as well. In addition to this, if you wanted to have your symbol definition visible in the scene, you can toggle the small dots on the right side of the object to green and the symbol will be visible at the origin of your model. Hope this helps
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