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  1. Hahah honestly, who knows? It started to become a 'report every problem with RW' thread which got very confusing. 😄 You can send your file to me through the DM and I'll file a bug&look for a fix.
  2. Hi @MikeB, the issue you are describing here is different than viewports turning black. Could you DM me your bug file or buglist the issue? (I'm not sure how users file bugs, though, perhaps through Jim?)
  3. Renderworks and OpenGL use two completely different engines and work in completely different ways. So no, this or any other change to RW would not affect how OpenGL works.
  4. If you are doing the same steps and get the same result every time, please do tell me your steps so I can test my possible solutions and confirm I've solved it.
  5. Hahah I like this workaround 😄 much quicker than setting classes.
  6. Nope. 2D geometry is rendered with OpenGL and won't affect the RW renderings in any way.
  7. Yep, it was a limitation of the CineRender engine. Sorry to hear that it was part of your workflow.
  8. Yes! Beginning with version 2019, Renderworks modes show all planar objects and point clouds, with the exception of Artistic RW and RW styles with edges.
  9. Hi, can I please take a look at the file? Sounds like a bug we already fixed in an SP and I'd love to make sure.
  10. I might be able to make one if I can find time. But the essence is this, we're talking about the Reflectance channel system CineRender and Cinema4D introduced back in version R16. It is a system where one can layer up layers of shaders that have different reflection models. Beckmann, GGX, Anisotropic are all types of those reflection models. Each layer can have a Fresnel affect as well. There are many videos explaining C4D's Reflectance channel. What I'm describing up there is how they are incorporated into the VW Metallic shader so if someone's familiar with what those layers do, they can actually play with them using VW.
  11. Thank you so much for the detailed feedback, as always!
  12. Pressing esc also stops a RW rendering. OpenGL renderings can't be stopped yet. Honestly I didn't even know about cmd . 😄
  13. Yeah, because ProRender is an open source engine and it's free, I expect that it'll be tweaked a little in every release and some features will stay 'experimental' for a while. I couldn't get a chance to play with R20 yet. How do you like the new node based UI @zoomer?
  14. These are beautiful Luis! I love what you did with Image Effects.
  15. I am glad the Metallic shader is covering these needs! Fun fact: the clear coat in the metallic shader is a Beckmann reflection layer with Glass Fresnel. In total there's three reflectance layers in the metallic shader, Anisotropic for scratches, a GGX layer for the base metal and a Beckmann layer for the clear coat. Brushed checkbox enables Aniso and clear coat reflection enables the glass layer. Base metallic layer that uses GGX is always on. Just wanted to mention this, in case you'd like to play with Reflectance layers in Vectorworks a little. Even though the UI makes it look like a simple metallic shader, it could be used to create some other fun materials too.
  16. The most notable R19 features for rendering were ProRender engine integration and spherical cameras. We don't have the ProRender engine which doesn't really perform well for the types of renderings our users do. The PBR material is to be used with ProRender. We now use spherical cameras for Renderworks panoramas in VW2019. We used to stitch the spherical image ourselves which sometimes created seams. Now there shouldn't be any and we expect a performance increase too.
  17. Oh wait there's one thing. CineRender R19 started showing plain yellow whenever an HDRI background image is not really an HDR. A lot of free images on the internet are labeled as HDRI but they only have 8 bits of color depth. So if you get a yellow tint from an HDRI background, the reason is this.
  18. Because not being able to reproduce doesn't mean this bug is fixed, I can't confirm it 😕
  19. I can't confirm this unfortunately. However, we haven't seen any black vps in house after we updated. Still, I'm actively looking for a solution.
  20. No, not really. If I realize something's different I'll be sure to post here but we don't expect that.
  21. No. Clip cube sections only show a solid fill. Section viewports should be used for that kind of detail.
  22. First of all, thank you all for joining us and posting questions! Oh no my intention wasn't to blame the users at all! I just explained the reason behind it from a rendering standpoint. We do not want to fake things in renderings, we want them to be as accurate to real life as possible. That being said, we value our users' input and this is something we can consider for future releases to fix the geometry.
  23. Hey y'all, we're trying to nail this bug down for a while. Which platform are you using? What version of OS? Do you see CineRenderNEM in the activity monitor when you get the black viewports? Is renderworks usable at all after you get a black viewport? Or is it just that viewport? When you see black a few seconds after pressing update, does the final rendering kick in after a while? Do you have a surefire way to make it happen reliably? I've realized that sometimes when I update a number of viewports with a big model, I get black instead of the progress images, but the final rendering eventually kicks in once they are all finished. If you don't see CineRender running in the activity monitor, the only workaround would be restarting Vectorworks.
  24. Do you have this issue of Renderworks not starting in the beginning often? Which platform are you on and which version of the OS?
  25. Thanks Kevin! My experience is also like this. I update a viewport and then update another one before waiting for the first one to finish. This seems to be the only method for me.
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