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  1. yes, i've found lots of things not working correctly. the data bar bug seems to be one of the most annoying. the lack of response is also troubling. (note, this is my very polite voice.)
  2. I have this same problem with 2017 and 2018 (way worse). There should be no reason for this with my system. Attached are my system specs which also include a Quadro M5000. So far, no help from tech support that i pay for.
  3. i'm having redraw issues and am wondering if i do not have my video setting configured correctly. every time i do anything in vectorworks the software screen goes black and then redraws all the palettes, sometimes more than once. is this a known issue? vw 2017 sp2 build 338823 video card: nvidia quadro M5000 machine specs attached:
  4. nevermind, found it. in the OIP check "draw 3D only". this allows rotation and keeps the truss editable.
  5. hello, can anyone tell me how to change the hanging angle of a curved truss so i can make an arch? there is no field for it in the object info box.
  6. i see that you can specify fullness in the soft goods palette. i don't see any info on finding out a way to output the length and other info once the fullness is set. can anyone help with that or point me to a tutorial i can learn how to do it? thanks
  7. it's a rectangle. 16" x 8" when i select the rectangle there are handles, when i select the reshape tool, there are handles, when i switch to "add vertex mode" the handles go away. when i switch back to just reshape the handles appear. when i move one and switch to add vertex mode the handles stay visible and i can add a vertex, but not until i move one. hope that makes sense.
  8. it works after i move a vertex, but until then no handles.
  9. not sure what happened, but the reshape tool has become finicky. i don't even get handles when i select the "add vertex mode". anyone have any ideas if a setting changed?
  10. thanks, that was it. you now need to download those.
  11. windows, in previous versions it was in the default folder.
  12. not on mine. i don't even have an objects folder. VW2026
  13. there used to be a molding profile library. i can't seem to find it anymore. what happened?
  14. hello, i'm getting prompted that someone else on our network is using my serial number. well, someone was and now they're not, but the software is still giving the warning and no matter what i do it won't go away. does anyone have an answer for this? thanks
  15. ended up having to break it down into eights per side and joining 2 edges. it's weird that it took that much tweaking.
  16. i tried breaking it down into quadrants and still can't get an acceptable solution.
  17. hi, i'm trying to create a solid like the first picture. i've created my nurbs curves, but the loft tool keeps throwing me an error. can anyone speculate why? thanks
  18. holding the shift key to constrain the line while using soft goods makes it go back to the arrow picker. is this known? VW 2016 build 278524 64bit windows 8.1 pro i7-5930K 3.5 GHz
  19. well, i banged my head against my computer for a while and finally worked it out. thanks for the help.
  20. now i just have to figure out how to put shelves inside and a door on the back.
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