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  1. I find that neither hidden line or polygon modes work in 2018. I change a floor plan to front view, shows in lines, open GL and renderworks are OK, but none of the hidden or polygon modes will react.
  2. I found a tool in prior versions which lets one select a shape, set the initial number to appear in the shape, and click on a series of items (windows, for example) thereby automatically assigning a new number to each item. I can't find this function in VW 9.5 /Architect. Where did it go?
  3. The create texture method you describe is true in VW 9.1. However, as I mentioned, in VW Arch 9.5, the Resource palette doesn't have any buttons at all. There is no "New" "Find" or any other command in the palette. My present solution is to open my file in 9.1, create the texture, close it and reopen it in 9.5. Has Nemenchek issued any comment on this new palette configuration and the way to use it? Perhaps I should simply remove 9.5 and stick with the older program.
  4. Perhaps I misspoke: I meant to say I wanted to CREATE a new texture, not simply import an existing texture resource from one VW document to another. I am finding that information and help sources may not have caught up with VW 9.5 yet, so if anyone is working under the new environment and is havoing the same problem, what have you found for help? The manual is also based on VW 9 rather than 9.5!
  5. Thanks for the response: On the solid objects, it was a user error! Duh! When I highlighted the layers to set paint mode I missed the critical one. Textures are now imported with ease, thanks. Even imported my own from a jpeg file.
  6. In newly installed VW 9.5, Mac OS 9.1. I find that objects do not conceal lines, textures or objects behind, either in the same layer or others. All layers are set to "paint" tranfer mode. I am working using an imported DWG file as a base for changes to the elevations. Also, I cannot find or figure out how to import textures to my document. The manual refers to "opening a new file," but the process is not apparent to me.


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