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    Sorry Im also using VW2014
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    Hi I cant get my custom area tags to read as I like I would like the following tag but need to know how to write it in the custom tag body field Nr Quantity ID A simple one for someone ....driving me mad !! Thank you
  3. Thank you that helps I'll give it a go!
  4. Thank you PAt Sorry for ate response I get putting the mixes on adifferent tags makes sense, I dont follow you at all on creating an additional column and using the criteria ?
  5. edmal

    setting tags

    Hi First go trying to add plants. I want to assign plants to a linear hedge feature I've created. I dont want to use the Plant poly edge space tool to do so as I simply want the area outline which I've hatched to be the style used not the plant default outline. Ive attahced a screen shot. When I place using the poly edge spaced tool at 300mm spacing it gives me 46 plants in a linear row. How do I emulate this with the area tool. I have to use a 7plants per m2 to get it up to 47. There isn't a linear spacing option for areas ? If I want to create automatic schedules my spacing will be incorrect using this method. I hope that makes sense ? I also want to my tags to read 47Nr FaS 10L...how do I add the "Nr" to the quantity ? Thank you for any help.
  6. ..Hold on what about the linetype? ))
  7. I think I've just answered my own question!! If you take the local mapping off I can see it and need to then adjust using your suggestion. Thank you again for your help Art V. Much appreciated!
  8. HI Thank you for the prompt reply I tried the suggestion with different scales and clicked preview to no avail? Any other ideas ? The vp is 1:500 and my design layer is 1:1 ? I had changed the hatch settings to 'use local mapping' and changed the i nd J setting to 2m to show the meadow hatching at an appropriate size?
  9. Hi I'm learning VW as I go and it appears it wont let me see any hatches nor bespoke line types I've created in my sheet layer on the drawing. Visibilities are all on. This issue also appears to be only happening on those allotted to closed large polygons I've created. I could only find one other reference to this issue which suggested its a bug? Im using VW14. I hope it isn't as I wouldn't have bothered to go this far if I cannot use hatches !! I do hope you guys can help. Thanks a bundle.
  10. Morning 1. I'm trying to add schedules for a variety of plant mixes on a large site. Note In some I may choose to use the same plant. I then want within the schedule on the drawing to have mix 1 which may contain say three plants then another line with the header mix 2 and beneath it the details of the plants contained therein. What I get at the moment is just a list with all the plants together with totalled numbers for each used. Is there a way of building this order in when creating attributes within plant areas? I hope that makes sense?! I only see one potential way of doing it which will mean going into the schedule and cutting and pasting to some kind of order which will inevitably mean I'll have to count the numbers used for each mix if Ive used the same plant in each. 2. Also how do I move lines within the schedule to get the order right if I have to do the latter to get my mixes reading in order, If I copy and paste and move the numbers don't update if changed in the model ? Any help appreciated. Thanks and Regards edmal
  11. Bingo...Thank you folks that helps as I need to be on site tomorrow here in the UK!
  12. and here it is....didnt take long) So how do you crop a vp once created in the drawing sheet? I see its greyed out in obj info, shape tab ?
  13. Thank you for the prompt reply. That worked perfectly. I'm sure I'll be back with more questions in due course!
  14. Hi I'm a new user sole trader so any help would be really appreciated running Landmark VW14. I need to produce several viewports on different sheets as I am preparing a detailed landscape design over a 14Ha site. One of the issues im encountering is when I create a viewport on a sheet and then go to the sheet the viewport is nowhere to be seen . When I zoom out it appears way way off the page in the 2 oclock position. I then am struggling to resize and centre on the drawing sheet. Why is it not coming in central on the sheet ? Thanks Again Ed


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