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  1. 1) In VW2010: I've now tried out using a single 510mm leaf wall (black for existing building) then in window settings using a negative jamb width (-63.5mm for 1/4 brick)and a 95mm plan wall offset calculated to leave me a jamb outside the window of 125mm (window as casement with sash width 80mm, depth 70mm). This places the window in the wall and the window frame embedded in the wall. I then add interior trim with width -63.5mm and thickness calculated to be the remainder of the wall thickness (=wall thickness - 125mm for the outer jamb - window frame thickness, here 70mm) Show wall lines is switched on. The 2d plan representation is ok, there are 2 extra lines for the interior trim that I could do without but I can use the window and vary the width or the casements or placement for the wall depth. For other walls I need new settings for offset and interior trim thickness. 2) The other option is to use the exterior components method. I have to then define each external wall type with an external 63.5mm component, all in black and then set the offset again as before and then set the jamb width to be 63.5mm or greater. This works quite well and is good in both 2d and 3d. Method 1) is good becaue I don't need to worry about my wall definitions but then I need to fiddle with the window settings a lot. And there are extra lines in 2d and it doesn't work on the internal side in 3d as the trim is solid. Method 2) is good if I set up wall definitions and just generally have an external leaf of 63.5mm in all external walls and set up the window frame measurements for the first window. All I need to calculate is the offset. You can adjust the offset for multiple windows but the 63.5mm reveals do not automatically follow the window frames and have to be adjusted individually which is a pity. What we also really need are the box-type double casement windows prevalent here. Method 2) is best as I can copy and drag the windows to make the inner window, at least in 1:50 or smaller it looks fine. Fergus
  2. https://techboard.vectorworks.net/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Main=43020&Number=214581#Post214581 windows with stepped reveals please, for single leaf walls! Have been using VW since people still called it Minicad and this has always been a big, annoying problem.
  3. Thanks guys for all the suggestions but this just shows that the problem has not been addressed and there is no good solution available. We've been using VW since the early noughties and this has always been a problem. We just updated all licences to 2015 and I had been hoping the issue had been addressed. Creating a symbol with reveals for each and every window type and wall type is not practicable. To date we've been inserting windows with straight jambs and then adding rectangles to show the reveals. This works for us when we're showing existing buildings with blacked in walls but obviously does not work for newbuild or 3d applications. I've used 2 wall objects with a cased opening but this is messy unless you're only drawing a couple of windows. We've tried using walls with an external component but the results are often unpredictable but this seems the only way available so we'll have to persevere until a tool is added to make it easier. The other ideas are also very specific to particular window sizes or types so are probably not practicable. But thanks anyway! If anyone thinks of anything new, please feel free to continue the thread. Fergus
  4. Hi all, I've searched the forums but not discovered how to generate stepped reveals for windows in walls. The opening has say a width of 1,01m on the external facade and a width of 1/2 brick more, 1,135m on the room side. Window then sits behind the projecting external leaf. Thanks for any help. I've tried various settings with negative offsets but they produce unstable results. Fergus VW2010 & VW2015


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