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  1. Hello Kevin and Michael, the best way to move an object is to use the Move Node in the Operations category. for the offset input, you can use a "point2" node, "point3" node, "vector2" node or "vector3" node. all of these are in the Input category. You can also use "Point3D" or "Point2D" from the Points category. For each of these nodes, you can set the x- y- and z- values the DISTANCE you want to move the object in each of the three directions. It works just like the move command in VW. The Rotate node works in a similar way. You can use any of the 3D point or vector nodes as your input, and if you want to rotate an object within the xy plane (as you would a 2D object in plan view) you make the z value of your 3D point node the angle that you want to rotate the object by. Each x- y- and z-value represents the axis around which you will rotate the object. I hope that answers your questions! Sarah
  2. Here is a file with some Platonic Solids as nodes and Marionette objects. The faces of the solids are in the form of 3D polygons.
  3. Attached is a file that can be used as an exercise to practice Marionette. Going though the saved views, you can follow step by step instructions to build geometry. There are also files with the solutions to the exercises. Tutorial_01_Exercises.vwx Tutorial_01_Solutions_1-5.vwx Tutorial_01_Solutions_6-7.vwx Tutorial_01_Solutions_8-9.vwx
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