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    Marionette symbol unstable

    Hi Nico, I tried using your Marionette Object, and I think it all depends on how you access it. If I IMPORT the symbol from the original file and then select it in the new file and place it on the drawing, I don't have any problems - it works fine. But if I try just selecting it in the original file and placing it in a new file that way, I get errors. This is due to the nature of a Marionette Object - even though it is wrapped in a nice package, its still (in theory) a lot of moving parts. Using the workflow of importing the symbol first and then accessing the imported version is the best way to keep all of those moving parts working smoothly. Hope that fixes your problem!
  2. sbarrett

    Marionette help with Symbol that can be modified

    Hi- Here is a simple definition that draws a sphere directly below the chamfer as well as a line from the center of the chamfer to the center of the sphere. typing in a different number for "sphere height" will change the height and a different number for radius will change the size of the sphere.SPECIAL SYMBOL-sb.vwx I hope this helps get you started!
  3. sbarrett

    The Art & Function of 3D Modeling

    @Alan Woodwell- here is a link to the Marionette script that Luis showed in his webinar.
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Here is a script that converts a NURBS surface to a wall with components that can be exported to IFC. The wall is an Auto Hybrid object made up of 3D Solids that match the thicknesses and attributes of the components of a referenced wall style. CWS_1212_IFC.vwx A couple caveats: Make sure that wall style names do not have a single or double quotation symbol in the name - it will get misinterpreted by the String Node. Also, if your base surface is an Interpolated Surface, use the tool in the 3D Power Pack - Rebuild NURBS... - to convert it to a standard NURBS surface.
  5. sbarrett

    Weather Analysis Tools

    Here is the Wind Rose File.
  6. sbarrett

    custom marionette nodes in vectorworks 2017

    Hi, All of my custom nodes I now have in a series of separate files that I have placed in the favorites section of the resource manager. They are not in the default node library, but they are still searchable in the resource manager. Attached is a screen shot that shows what the RM looks like for me. You don't have to have a ton of separate files, that is just how I have it set up. All of these files are in my User Folder. -Sarah
  7. sbarrett

    Labeling marionette/worksheet objects

    I added a few text nodes and a Remap Domain node to your definition. If you need to change text font and size you can use the "Set Character Properties" node in the "Objects - String & Text" category. Pipe Labeling_sb.vwx
  8. sbarrett

    "If" node question

    There are currently no new versions of the If node in the standard library - the simplest solution would be to use a modified delete node. I have attached a version of the node that allows you to do this. (I use it all the time.) Delete.vwx
  9. sbarrett

    Attaching Objects to a Renderworks Camera using Marionette

    Hi Ben, I don't think this will actually answer your question, but it may help you figure out a work around for your problem. Attached is a simple network that allows you to change the record data of a camera. Hope this helps! accessingCameraRecord.vwx
  10. sbarrett

    Useful Geometry

    I have reattached the file in the original post.
  11. sbarrett

    Useful Geometry

    Here are a couple wrappers that output sine and cosine waves. I thought the math enthusiasts might find these useful. Sine Wave.vwx
  12. sbarrett

    Platonic Solids

    hi @ibenjamin.pricehere is the file again - I added some descriptions to the nodes. Platonic Polyhedrons.vwx
  13. sbarrett

    Platonic Solids

    Here is a file with some Platonic Solids as nodes and Marionette objects. The faces of the solids are in the form of 3D polygons.
  14. sbarrett

    New Beam Tool Question

    Hello Samuel- As far as using Marionette, you can definitely create a system of 3D objects that interact with each other like Structural Members, but at the moment there are no nodes in the default library that deal specifically with the Structural Member tool. You can think of Marionette as a set of building blocks for creating you own plug-in object, but the building blocks are the basic geometries and tools of VW. If you already have a workflow where you model structural members in 3D and then attach data to them, this is where Marionette would be very useful - you could use it to automate and optimize this workflow - but essentially this would be replacing the Structural Member tool for your own version. There are nodes in the library that currently work with other plug-in/BIM objects like walls, slabs, and roofs, but not structural members as yet. If you want to learn more about how to use Marionette in this way, @Alan Woodwellhas some great projects:
  15. Hello, There is currently no "compose" node or its equivalent in Marionette. It is definitely on the wishlist though! There are however always ways to get the result you are looking for - Did you draw the separate pieces in Marionette? If so, there is probably a way to draw it as a single object using Marionette - I would suggest looking at the nodes in the Poly 2D category. If you drew it freehand, is there a particular reason you want to compose it with Marionette instead of using the Compose command? Sarah
  16. sbarrett

    Selection nodes

    Hi Alan - the Set Class node is in the Attributes category and not the Class category which has been a point of confusion, but with 2017 you can search for nodes so this shouldn't be a problem anymore!
  17. sbarrett

    Selection nodes

    Hi Rick - to create a new class in a document, use the node "Name Class" in the Classes category and for a new layer use the node "Layer" in the Layers category. Each of these nodes takes an input of a string (text) as the name of the new class/layer.
  18. sbarrett

    Co-ordinates, Insertion Points, Text and Weird Rounding Errors

    Hi Kevin, When you Set Text Orientation, it always orients around the insertion pt of the text, and this insertion pt can be changed by changing the horizontal and vertical justification. For example, if you change the text to be justified center, the text will rotate around its center. There are two set text justification commands, one that keeps the old insertion point and moves the text, and one that keeps the text where it is and moves the insertion point. I believe the code inside the Set Text Properties node is the second command I mentioned.
  19. sbarrett

    Get Wall Style

    Alan this looks awesome!
  20. sbarrett

    Get Wall Style

    Alan this looks awesome!
  21. sbarrett

    Dealing with conditional creation

    Hi Kevin, I see in your Conditional Symbol node, if the boolean is false, you have a pass but instead you could set the output to equal None and then put add a list node to attach all objects to that filters out None values - as long as you have at least one object, the rotate node will work.
  22. sbarrett

    Bounding box 4 corners

    Hey Alan, I know it can be frustrating to have a function that does close to what you want but not exactly. There is no other function to use, but the values of the BotL and TopR can always be derived from the TopL and BotR. TL, BR = vs.GetBBox(obj) TR = (BR[0], TL[1]) BL = (TL[0], BR[1])
  23. sbarrett

    EAP Gutter with End Caps

    Hey Alan, here is a solution that might work. I created two lines at the beginning and end of the path to get the angle of each line then used that to rotate the caps. -Sarah
  24. sbarrett

    Sub classes for PIOs

    Hi Rick - I have been working on creating new records and building them into Marionette Objects and I still haven't quite figured it out, so I am not sure if using a predefined SG object is better or worse than the starting from scratch. However, I do have a couple of nodes that I use to edit multiple record fields. V1 is for editing multiple record fields of one object, and v2 is for editing multiple record fields of multiple objects. Let me know if this helps, Sarah
  25. sbarrett

    Set Layer Node

    Hello Brendan - There is a way to make the Set Layer node work. First you must RUN it on its own, then double click to open the script window, close window, deselect, and select again. The logic behind this is that the node doesn't recognize the layers in the document until it is run, and then it can't transfer them to the drop down menu until the script editor has been opened. If you add layers to your document after you add this node, just run it again and open and close the script window.


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