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  1. thanks! It helped a little! I still need south american plants, but it's already increased my database!
  2. I downloaded all the plants libraries from the website (including the 2015 upgrade) but I can't find some images to add to my project. For example: the "agapanthus africanus" - I find it on the database, but there's no realistic image (2D nor 3D) for this plant. The same happens to many of tropical plants,, such as "tradescantia pallida var. purpurea". ANd this is such a huge problem, because I wanted the software in order to improve my 3D projects and if I don't have similar 3D images to the plants I intend to put on my landscape project what's the point for having the software? I don't know how to photoshop images and this is not a solution for me. How can I find nice 2D and 3D images libraries for most of plants that are not only for USA/UK (or Australia) weather?
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