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  1. I am having trouble using the drawing border tool to insert both standard and custom title blocks. In a new drawing I will add a Drawing Border using the DB tool, and then attempt to add a Title Block, but I keep getting a message that says "No symbols found in the active document". I thought we were supposed to see an import dialog so we can specify which title block we want. Those Title Blocks are in the default library, and are where I have added my custom block. If I just add the Drawing Border and then try to add a title block through the OIP I get the same message. I just want to add a border with my own title block attached. What am I missing? Merv VectorWorks Designer 12.0.1 MAC PowerBook G4 OS 10.3.9
  2. Send me your contact info and we can chat. Regards Martin P. Smith MainStaging mainstaging@rogers.com
  3. There are more of us here than you might think. I have been a VectorWorks user since MiniCAD 5.0 and am currently running V11 with the Renderworks and Spotlight modules. If you would like to contact other users feel free to post a reply and I will set you up. Martin P Smith MainStaging Toronto, Canada
  4. In Spotlight V9.5 I cannot Tab or Return through the data pane of the Object Info Pallette.Pressing either key takes me back to the first line of an editable record. I must manually select each line to enter data. This is truly an aggravating problem. My machine is an Apple Wallstreet PowerBook. 233 Mhz / 192 MB RAM / System 9.01 / with all updated extensions required by NNA installed
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