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  1. 15 hours ago, mgries said:

    If that could be achieved, this marionette would be perfect for generating Enlarged Plans.


    YES! I have slowly been working on something like this using @DomC's nodes, but would know where to start with the Detail Callout Marker. Make so much sense.

  2. Hi @sbarrett. Thanks for the response. I have attached a couple of files to illustrate what I was trying to explain. Hopefully this does a better job. One is a screen recording (Curved Ramp Example.mp4) of my best attempts to model a more standard curved ramp. Sorry, no audio. The other is the resulting file. Curved Ramp Example.vwx


    To clarify above.

    1. I think I understand the reasoning behind the nurbs. They are an easier geometry to control. The issue is that in my experience, they don't translate very well to actual finished construction.
      • If the intent is visualization, then that is one thing, but if it is documentation and modeling, then we would need a more precise way to control horizontal geometry.
    2. When I mention cross slope, I am differentiating from longitudinal slope (along the path). You are correct, that is exactly how I would measure longitudinal slope and I love the way your script annotates as well...perfect.
      • Cross slope is across the path of travel. Unless we are designing a bike pump track or race track, we are typically held to a less than 2% (1:48) cross slope for accessibility. In your model, the slopes across can get excessive, particularly the sharper the horizontal curvature.

    I hope that this is a constructive criticism and it is by no means intended to downplay this tool. I know I will find a use for it as is, so thank you!

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