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  1. Hm, can anybody explain how the 'scale to' options exactly work when formatting worksheet image cells? For me, only autoscale works, otherwise I end up with something like a single vertical line for all objects that are symbols (the top 4 rows). Groups (the bottom 3 examples) seem to be rendered correctly. Looks like a bug to me, in that x-scale isn't computed correctly for symbols, only y-scale. I use VW2019 SP2 (MACOS) int/en. And I should mention that all objects are 2D-drawings in plan view.
  2. Olaf Pfeifer

    How to make a custom Data Tag

    Thanks for letting us know, Kostadin Ivanov! On a side note, what are those hidden Text fields good for anyway? Data records seem much more useful ...
  3. Olaf Pfeifer

    How to make a custom Data Tag

    Well done, Anna! However, I found the task of detaching the pre-defined data tags from their "eligible" record formats very difficult. I could not even reproduce your way to do it. I wish there was a way to simply "detach" the record format / object type from the tags just as you can detach record formats from other drawing objects. Instead, as a workaround, I ended up starting with a data tag that has *NO* pre-defined record format, which is the simple "NumberStamp". If you add more text fields to this one, you can select 'record format' as their source inside the "edit style" > "edit tag layout" > "use dynamic text" dialog. Afterwards, the tag displays the question mark that indicates that it isn't yet attached to any eligible object. I was then able to drag the question mark to any object with my record format attached and it works.


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