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  1. I like your optimism!! BUT.... it would appear that the window/door/stair tool is sub-contracted out and not made by vectorworks - users have been complaining for years about these tools but unless the suppliers update their tools nothing happens....
  2. thanks for the file - very interesting that fullscreen preview option adds quite a lot of time to the speed of render - , 28 secs without ; 38 secs with full screen preview.....
  3. make a worksheet of the titleblock and you can quickly change names / numbers etc , handy for changing multiple dates or stages...
  4. with maxon acquiring redshift (and a metal version coming), have to hope this will eventually filter down to vectorworks through cinerender? also, can't see the point of a mac pro for vectorworks? seems to be like using a ferrari to go to the local shop !!
  5. using slabs for the curved part might be easier ? (along with stories) stairs.vwx
  6. @Mason2152 @jeff prince - sorry - you'll need to purchase from to see
  7. or try this: https://learn.archoncad.com/blog/2011/02/28/sst_1102-creating-a-swimming-pool/
  8. would normally add hatches/images etc in viewport annotations - make a polygon fill and change to your selected hatch/tile
  9. I'm getting a lot of spinning ball when trying to do polygon fills in viewports with SP.3 (mojave) Also getting an occasional crash when trying to add polygons together , get this odd object info box as below and have to force quit.
  10. you can rotate the interior elevation symbol on the plan - this will rotate the section lines
  11. try it on a blank file with framing member = spinning ball of death.... (mac and mojave user) locks into a freeze and takes about 5 mins before I can use it (even worse on existing files) , see circled area where it seems to lag
  12. having the same issue with framing member , on SP3 also....
  13. the offending item... F_Door.vwx
  14. I'm trying to use a custom symbol made up of 3 others windows + a door to make custom front door.... I cannot get the walls to be correct (in plan) and I suspect I'm missing a simple trick! Elevation is correct though!
  15. yes, the spinning ball of death has returned for me also (mac) in the last week , anything that requires a detailed object info menu , (stairs, elevation benchmarks) is now causing a hang...
  16. not working in 2019 SP2 .... good to hear its not Mojave related though
  17. I can't use a custom profile in the framing member without 2019 crashing because of an apple bug? really?!
  18. I'm on an AMD and have problems with 2019 and it hanging - can't use framing member or extrude along path etc, along with drawing labels, roofs acting weird - so I find the statement: 'all the issues we could patch have been fixed' nonsense. The troubleshooting boards would seem to indicate that you haven't fixed all the issues.
  19. framing member now hangs with latest mojave update when trying to use custom symbols (on blank and existing drawings) (after trying to select it - looks like the object info panel dialogue is causing the problem) had a similar problem with drawing labels. what a disaster 2019 is.....
  20. its under detail level in object info panel- see below
  21. yes, having this problem also with 2019 - the option to turn off reference is not available for some reason in 2019.
  22. anybody know why I cannot disable the reference option in the images import settings? I want to copy the image into the drawing rather than reference it? (2019, mojave (!) )
  23. @Gunther LOL! no problems in fundamentals workspace!
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