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  1. you have the option in TM to replace material (which will apply to all of same material ) or just to apply to object - you just need to change the selection option as below. Ideally, try and class your objects in vectorworks before exporting to twinmotion if you want to separate items out.
  2. click the calculator looking icon first !!
  3. you had no sash selected on other window - change to sash and it works:
  4. getting the same as @twk - blank screen with saved view? Update: @twk restart vectorworks and it seems to work!
  5. can't install it! UPDATE: I must read the instructions first ! VW2024 , Mac 14.3
  6. if using a corner window and 'use wall closure' then cills are even more messed up! second image is without wall closure.... slightly better !
  7. the window cill won't show correctly in plan if you select an extension to the window cill - with and without window cill extension option below? (using update 2 also)
  8. 41 mins for the redshift render is just dreadful.... and so far away from the quality of the corona render its not worth a comparison. (I confess I do use corona also and would only use shaded render in vectorworks for quick early stage views) If you want photorealistic/high end it's off to corona or twinmotion you go....
  9. fabrica


    either extrude along path or the wonderful plug-in from AF-Design: https://plugins.andreafacchinello.it/baseboard/
  10. @Kevin McAllister I put a few similar tools together (long click to open) to shorten the top bar ...
  11. the top plan view of a custom window is messed up - looks fine in 3d just not in plan view...
  12. 2024 Icon -> 'Apricot Crush' ! 😉 2024 copy.icns.zip
  13. draw a polygon around your walls , then AEC Menu -> Convert Objects from Shapes ... choose slab and your done!
  14. @Chris Fleming maybe look at twinmotion ?
  15. for me, I would do the following: - in your editor of choice (affinity, Pixelmator etc) , I would overlay the ambient occlusion (at 90%) onto the base colour and export as 1 image. Then add this image to the colour slot - change OBJ Attribute to -> image Not 100% sure but don't think Vectorworks can handle normal or height maps. (so no need for them) If you need to scale image you have to use the absolutely useless 'set by image' button ..! If you are only using 'shaded' render that's all I'd do...
  16. make them symbols and auto hybrid.... https://app-help.vectorworks.net/2017/eng/VW2017_Guide/Shapes3/Creating_Auto_Hybrid_Objects.htm
  17. 12.45 14" Macbook M1 Pro, 32GB 13.2 ; VW 2023.SP.3
  18. another option is the split tool - draw your wall as normal , mark out where you want to make cuts , and then change wall heights to suit.. Then use an extrude etc for your wall capping...
  19. sorry, just seen you were after hatch ! not a texture………
  20. save, quit and restart vectorworks gets rid of them.... (probably not the answer you wanted!)
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