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  1. Many thanks Pat. I am happy to delete them all now.
  2. I am constantly running our of drive space and find I have some 120 GB of old Vectorworks Landscape versions and all their relevant files such as items, plants etc. I don't have the uninstall software for the previous versions so can I just highlight everything and delete it
  3. Hi All. I have re-entered the DXF file and the survey data and its has sorted it out. Set the stake within the model and by sending it to surface it shows the relevant height. All Good. Thanks for your input. Ken Kirtland-1.3.vwx
  4. Hi Pat. Good of you to reply. The pathway slope is on Hardscape with a slope of 1:60 over a length of 6151mm. I need to check the specific height at 2000mm in order for me to make sure my design matches. I have tried the Stake and positioned it on the slope but it doesn't provide anything. Ken
  5. I have to up date a paving slope and need to find out the different heights along a sloping pathway. I must have missed the tool that I can simply click within the slope and it will tell me the precise height at that point.
  6. Hi. Can anyone tell me if there is a workaround to set plant images on the surface of Hardscape. I have to go to the front view of a border image and set each plant to the surface when I have a sloped border like my current one. I am told this cannot be done within Landscape so I would appreciate it if there is an answer. Many thanks ken@firstgardendesign.co.uk
  7. Many thanks drelARCH. I went through all the door and window setting and found the glazing was somehow reset. Went through and re-set glazing to Clear with render. All good now. Thanks
  8. Many thanks Taproot. Following your ideas all good. Thanks
  9. Just updated to latest mac update 10.15.4 and find all my doors and widows have a solid pane instead of glazed. Can someone help get them back to glazed
  10. Can anyone help me create some worksheets in my designs I have walls – Pergolas – Decking and patios and if I open preformatted Report there is nothing with a record that corresponds with the different elements I have built. If I try to create a Custom report I am at a total loss. I’ve tried following Vectorworks Landmark videos, PDF’s and everything in between but still I am out in the cold. Can someone give me a simple instruction 1 – 2 – 3 steps so a greenhorn like me can follow? I am trying to put together a real true presentation together so contractors can quote on. My walls are mainly for raised beds in different sizes, my decks have foundation, weed membranes, joists, Noggins and posts, and my patios have foundation, mortar bed and paving to name but a few. So, apart from areas and sizes I need costs per item so I can keep an eye on a client’s budget throughout the design concept stage. I would appreciate some help. Many thanks KenH First Garden Design
  11. Many thanks Pat. I'll follow your logic. I did try the shell solid but no deal. Then I can work out how to send it up on its point. Kind regards Ken
  12. I need to sculpture a die and stand it on its point. Its needs to be hollow as I need a light inside can any one help
  13. Hi. Here are 2 images. One with paving stabs that need duplicating. The second is one that I have moved away from the lawn with the second near it. Both now are wireframe and to get one that has render I have to draw and set the render again.
  14. Can anyone tell me how in 2020 Landmark I can get it to show an image of an object in OpenGL as it can in fast Renderworks. My design just wont. Ken H Greenhorn
  15. I need to create a new door leaf and I cannot locate the sequence I am to follow. I would appreciate ion someone could list the complete sequence I am to follow starting from drawing the leaf design to saving it as a symbol in VW door leaf file. Thanks
  16. Peter. Many thanks. I have generated your image into my VW Door Custom folder and was able to open it up and set it into the main file. My sincere thanks for this. I always inform trainers when I attend training sessions that I don't have a short term memory. I find it very frustrating that this is never believed and when I have to ask a simple question a bit later it is very embarrassing to me. I appreciate your help in this and I cannot remember why I created the door from a hardware object. It may have been because I tried everything else and this was the last straw. On the Top/Plan to Front view question. The 101 I found the door depicted was on the front elevation so I followed this; my fault. I will now go and create some new doors with simple designs to get this under my belt. My sincere thanks for your help in this. Kindest regards Ken
  17. Hello Peter My sincere thanks. It is good of you to help. I have attached a smaller design to show the door and another VW of the door leaf. I haven't sent the main file as it is very large. I have had to send the main file, although the cut down version as a dxf as I cannot upload the vw file. I hope you can download these My sincere wishes Ken Door Trial.dxf Door Leaf Symbol.vwx
  18. Hi Cipes. I am not sure whether its me being old but I hate to say it that I have tried and tried to follow your comments and whether I try to alter a leaf design or make a new one I still cannot complete it so it can be inserted into the door frame. I'll keep trying as I know your instructions are complete. If I get it to work I will celebrate with champagne. Kindest regards Ken
  19. My sincere thanks Cipes. I will try this way. Its always confusing when working ways change, or if one is like me one losses short term memory. I'll come back once achieved. Kindest regards Ken
  20. I am trying to create a new leaf for a door that is not available in Landmark 2019. I have tried to follow the 101 but this is demonstrated in an older VW and I am becoming very confused. I would appreciate if someone could set out the sequence I can follow?
  21. HI J I have been through all these up to now but they still don't allow me to set a pad, whatever system down below the house line. Perhaps it's me. On a small point, I remember in 2015 in a PDF file from the UK it was pointed out that one starts at 100 feet as VW doesn't like negative measurements. Will this be the case. My front door is naturally zero then the steps down and especially the garage beneath is down to 2500mm minus. Just a thought. Perhaps it would be good if I have a 'Buddy' somewhere in the world. Mine is ken@firstgardendesign.co.uk
  22. Hi J. I hope this is your Title. Many thanks for your help. I will go through it now to find into work for me. This entire site is in negative and I wondered if that was the reason it wasn't working. I'll let you know how I get on. Its a pity your'e not in the UK. The only help one gets here to give comment only if one is charged £500.00. Not good for someone with lose of major memory. Kindest regards Ken@
  23. I must be the oldest greenhorn in the business but after returning from a mental illness, consequently loosing my short term memory/ Although using Landmark since 2004 I have totally forgotten how to generate the pads etc., to set out an underground car garage beneath the wall of the house. Can anyone let me know how I do this is 2019 landmark. My sincere thanks. Ken H


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