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  1. Hi Jessica. I use Photoshop when I start to build a plant. Once I find the image I copy it onto a transparent background and delete the background of the image. Then import it into Landscape. I can then use one of the plant Basic templates and copy the final image into it. I hope this helps.
  2. Many thanks Jeff. Although I work in the green county land of the UK I, like you am picky, hence why I take a lot of time generating my own. If there was a good list, Like you I would purchase some. Never mind. It would be great if one could alter the image angle though in the Landscape database though.
  3. Hello Jeff. I appreciate your comments. Unfortunately the images of plants I have found are individual so to replace the ones that Landscape has duplicated looks like they will cost an arm and a leg. Would you know who would have a good size shrub list?
  4. I would be grateful if someone could tell me where I can obtain better plant images? Many in my Landmark have the same image of different shrubs etc so after spending time working a complete display out I have to start building my own imagery in Photoshop. Many thanks Ken Haken
  5. Many thanks Pat. I am happy to delete them all now.
  6. I am constantly running our of drive space and find I have some 120 GB of old Vectorworks Landscape versions and all their relevant files such as items, plants etc. I don't have the uninstall software for the previous versions so can I just highlight everything and delete it
  7. Hi All. I have re-entered the DXF file and the survey data and its has sorted it out. Set the stake within the model and by sending it to surface it shows the relevant height. All Good. Thanks for your input. Ken Kirtland-1.3.vwx
  8. Hi Pat. Good of you to reply. The pathway slope is on Hardscape with a slope of 1:60 over a length of 6151mm. I need to check the specific height at 2000mm in order for me to make sure my design matches. I have tried the Stake and positioned it on the slope but it doesn't provide anything. Ken
  9. I have to up date a paving slope and need to find out the different heights along a sloping pathway. I must have missed the tool that I can simply click within the slope and it will tell me the precise height at that point.
  10. Hi. Can anyone tell me if there is a workaround to set plant images on the surface of Hardscape. I have to go to the front view of a border image and set each plant to the surface when I have a sloped border like my current one. I am told this cannot be done within Landscape so I would appreciate it if there is an answer. Many thanks ken@firstgardendesign.co.uk
  11. Many thanks drelARCH. I went through all the door and window setting and found the glazing was somehow reset. Went through and re-set glazing to Clear with render. All good now. Thanks
  12. Many thanks Taproot. Following your ideas all good. Thanks
  13. Just updated to latest mac update 10.15.4 and find all my doors and widows have a solid pane instead of glazed. Can someone help get them back to glazed
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