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  1. Another question. Is this version ready for the transfer to Intel based macs? Is it already written as a "fat-binary"? Or do we have to purchase another copy of Vectorworks next year?



  2. Looks very good. Too bad we have to wait half a year before it reaches the Netherlands. I would also like to see some more images with the new renderworks engine ie. Radiosity and the soft shadows etc. I can't seem to find them on the NNA site.

  3. Try the demo from their site. You need to register. I tried it with exports from VW and it looks good. Still haven't had much time to try everything. Maybe next week!



  4. Hello, I have a 3d model of a building which i like to use in a sheet layer, I render the front and left views and would like to insert a perspective view as well. My question : is it possible to insert a saved view (perspective) within a viewport? I think the custom view option is terrible. Please help!

    Thanks in advance.

  5. For imageprops, just take some pictures of friends or family and turn those into imageprops. Or take some photographs at your local shopping area (don't know about privacy rules or anything). I know it's a heck of a job to cut out all the people, but once done, you have an up to date resource. We did it a couple of times, where the architect was placed within his own design. Good Luck

  6. If you set up multiple views, then you can make an animation from one camera to another. Not always the best option. But I sometimes use it for a more dynamic fly around a building. It's more flexible then the "simple" 360 degree rotation around an object. Good Luck!

  7. I work on a dual 2,5 Ghz G5 and it works great, make sure to have lots of RAM (i have 1,5 GB) thanks to the dual processor, the image renders about 40% faster because of the 2 scanlines. I think both processor aswell as RAM help to decrease rendertimes. The G5 is capable to have 8 GB of RAM, I think it's a good investment, however, the G5 2,5 GHz has a long delivery time, so instead you couuld choose the 2,0 GHz, maybe a little bit slower, but you can hardly tell i think.

  8. I use the sphere technique sometimes as well. This way if you make fly around movies, the sky will also look more real. And you don't have the same sky background in all you renders. Maybe it's more time consuming, but the results are there.

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