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  1. So I just upgraded to Vectorworks 2016 and ran into something weird when using some of the tools. When I use the wall tool, truss tool, or drape tool (might be more but those are the ones I use all the time) I can't hit the tab button to edit the length. When I do it deselects the tool. I used to use the tab button all the time in Vectorworks 2015 when I knew the exact length I needed. Has the hot button changed or do I just have to draw it and edit the length of the object in the object info palette.
  2. I am getting back upto speed VW spotlight after not having needed to be in it for over 5 years. I was wondering if there is a way to include Speakers and Projectors into the Instrument summary. Wanting to build separate drawings for Audio and Video crews as well as Lighting. Thanks
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