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  1. Thanks for the input, however this is still an issue. The drawing still comes up as thousands of lines on the laser cutter software.
  2. Hey all, VWX to DXF/DWG issue. I am racking my brains. Arrgh! Anyhow, I have an object in VW that I have (stupidly) converted to lines. I have composed and combined into surface and exported as DXF & DWG options. When the files are imported into my laser cutter software it sees the object as thousands of lines which makes cutting simple circles, etc really difficult. I am unable to convert the arcs, circles, etc back to single line objects. Is there a way to convert the object that is made of thousands of lines to something that is a single line? Thanks
  3. Solved! Courtesy of Julian @ OzCad: The default maximum is 20 and this is just to reduce the memory requirements. You can change this however by opening the AW_Constants.vss file in a text editor. This file is in the Plug-Ins/Data folder. Once you have the file open, scroll down to line 70 and look for this: kRotateObjectLimit = 20; { max number of rotation PIO objects on each layer } Just be aware that increasing some of these limits can increase the processing time.
  4. Hi All, I have the need to rotate 100 cubes for a visualisation using the AnimationWorks plugin. However, AW will only allow 20 objects, thus missing out the remaining 80. Is this normal? Thanks Duncan
  5. Hi all, I have drawn 4 very simple objects in VW and I have exported to STL (Highest number of polygons). No matter what I do, despite exporting as described, the object (which should be a cylinder) is like a 16 sided circle. If I draw a sphere on the 3d tools that exports fine, which is strange! Would someone mind having a look at the file(s) and advise where I've gone wrong? Thanks Duncan
  6. Perseverance pays off and all that. The solution is definitely to use the "glow" texture. Turns out I didn't have the Glow brightness up enough! Cheers all! Dunc
  7. Hi Tim, Thanks for the suggestion about the Glow Texture. I found that post earlier in the day and tried to get that to behave but had no luck whatsoever. I created a glow texture and applied it to the rear face of the extruded letter and left a 3mm gap between the letter and a solid white surtface and got zilch when I rendered it. I have also played around with all of the glow "brightness" settings, ambient light levels, etc and have hit a dead end. I shall carry on playing until I get something to work. Thanks Duncan
  8. Hi all, I have been banging my head on my desk all day with this issue. I am trying to create backlit lettering with a nice glow. I have the objects (text converted to poylines and extruded) and I have a duplicate set of extruded lettering which I converted to "Area Light", The idea is the light source sits behind the solid lettering and in theory, I should get a glow around the perimeter of the solid lighting (light source is a few mm back). What I am actually getting is something that resembles Christmas lights. As nice as this is, this isn't what I want. (See attached pic!) Link to VWX file (2016). Project.VWX (Google Drive) I appreciate your help. Thanks Duncan
  9. Thanks Jim, that is most helpful! I wasn't aware of the "Select Connect Objects" command. (I am fairly new to VW). Using what you have posted, I have come up with a usable method (which will pass, for now)! I trace the bitmap, ungroup the lines. Select everything, "combine into surface". Fill the area with whatever colour is selected and move the solid out of the way. Delete the original trace lines. I think take the "surface", run "bezier spline smoothing" and then convert the solid back to lines. Works a treat and tidies up all the rough edges. It would be better to have more control on things like trace and the bezier spline smoothing tool sets but for know, it will do! I appreciate your prompt reply! Regards, Duncan
  10. Hello, I am trying to trace fairly simple pictures (team logos, brands etc) that I can covert to lines and then send to a laser cutter. (Outlines of logos, etc). When I trace the bitmap (despite playing with every setting) the trace element always gives 4 or so lines across the same trace point which means the laser cutter then takes that info and cuts the 4 lines, etc etc. Is there a way to give the trace option more control? Can anyone explain why there is multiple lines across the trace path? Moreso, if I convert the image to an EPS vector in Inkscape or whatever and import it, is there anyway to trace that EPS image instead? I ask this because a vectorised image always gives more precise lines, albeit lots of them over the same point. Thanks Duncan


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