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  1. Hello, When I make an object a 2D symbol, the hatch I have it filled with is not visible unless I am editing the symbol. When I click out of the edit mode, the hatch reads as a white fill. What is happening here? It just started doing it. I have VW 2018. Thanks, Brittany
  2. Any update on this? I'm having the same problem...
  3. When I final render my model the first time it looks right. Then I make some changes and re render and it just keeps rendering the same render from the first time - it does not update any of the changes. Open GL shows the changes, but final render does not. If I restart, I can get a new render that reflects the changes but I cannot do this every time... it takes up so much time!!! Please advise... Is it a file problem? A VW problem?? I've got VW 2017.
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