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  1. Awesome, thanks James! I can say MOST of my furniture/cabinet parts would show correctly in a cultist using the bounding box method. Does that involve VS or PY?
  2. I have used the evaluation copy of Interiorcad and am close to purchasing the software. It would still be nice to have the option to make my own worksheets without third party software.
  3. yepp, i've found a few ways to accomplish it, but none of them are very practical when working in a tight schedule.
  4. I'm not sure what you mean. If the volume of a 3/4" x 2" x 30" part has a miter on the end, the volume is less than THxWxL. So =volume/(height*width) will not return the correct depth (or needed dimension).
  5. Can you separate one generic solid into multiple generic solids based on separate objects within the generic solid? My screenshot shows one generic solid is selected. I'd like to use a single tool to separate them into two solids without having to [copy > paste in place > create solid to subtract one & repeat on other instance] Thanks in advance for your help! [edit] i guess push pull will work too but i'd still have to paste a second instance in place and edit both..
  6. Hi Michael, I definitely like the idea. My first thought is that this would only work for objects with 6 faces with all 90 degree corners. Also, I'm assuming volume accounts for subtracted space from the "box" object. i.e. if i have a large hole cut from the center of the object, that hole makes the volume smaller than just the overall LxWxH or LxDxH. Thoughts?
  7. Updating to SP3 fixed this for me
  8. I really like being able to reference =Width, =Length & =Height of an object within the Worksheets functions, however it seems the function list is half done. I only find the three dimension types i've mentioned above, and others like "Depth" which solid subtractions, additions, etc. use. You can see in my attached screen cap that those items which are "zero length" use the Depth dimension name so the =length function returns 0, but depth is not a choice as a function. Is there a way to accomplish this easily via functions or would i be getting into Vectorscript / Python? Thanks in advance for any help!
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