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  1. It almost seems like the PDF does not have any background at all... Is it being imported as a PDF or is it coming in as an image somehow? Can you try ungrouping the PDF? This should give you the bitmap image background and the vector data. If you are able to send me the PDF, I can take a further look.
  2. This video will cover the basic installation of the Site Protection Server.
  3. Q: How do I upgrade my Site Protection Server from one version of Vectorworks to another? A: For dongle-based and MAC address-based network site licenses you must download and apply the license file using the download button in the license column of the customer portal. Once the .lic file is downloaded, you can replace the existing .lic on your server, using the Site Protection Server app and the revoke function. For internet-activated licenses, your existing activation key must be revoked and re-added with each new version of Vectorworks. Q: Does the Site Protection Server licensing use the same HASP HL or HASP4 dongles as C series? A: That is correct, Site Protection Server (SPS) can use a single license SafeNet HL USB dongle and is also backwards compatible with older network dongles in case of users upgrading to 2013 or later. Q:How do I set up the License Manager? A: The new Reprise License Manager (RLM) runs along with the Site Protection Server application, so no need to worry as before with latest operating systems. Here is a video that covers the installation. Q: What installer is needed for Site Protection Server? A: The Site Protection Server application is located as part of the contents of the Vectorworks installer. Q: Can the Site Protection Server be installed on a virtual server? A: Normally it must be installed on a physical server. If you require alternate configurations contact Tech@vectorworks.net.
  4. Thanks, I missed the file in your original post. How did you create these NURBS? Did you create one by converting a Circle? It appears that the circular NURBS is causing the problem. If I redraw that and make it slightly elongated, it seems to work fine...
  5. @jbelsky that is an odd one. I haven't been able to get the same thing to happen on my end. Would you mind posting the example file from your screenshots so I can take a close look? Thanks!
  6. @jeremyb could it be some sort of connection issue? Do you have any kind of network delay (the machine not connecting to the internet for a few seconds) on startup? Do you use a firewall or proxy server to connect? Thanks!
  7. Hi Kendra, it usually takes up to 1 business day. I checked your request and it looks like it was approved today. Let me know if you have any other problems. Thanks!
  8. @JonP Yes, please contact us directly with uor serial number so we can get you up and running. You can reach us at tech@vectorworks.net
  9. @GLM Can you try undocking the Object Info Palette and then resizing it? Does Vectorworks still crash after you do this?
  10. Absolutely frustrating, but we are working on it. Hopefully a fix soon!
  11. You can refer to this case number if you are looking for updates on this issue: VB-165189
  12. @Daniel B. Chapman thank you for submitting this. We were actually able to replicate this based on a few other reports as well. Our engineering team is aware and working on a fix. Thanks again!
  13. @Markvl You have an auto display option for detail levels in the Document Preferences.
  14. jblock


    Hi @LMorga Thanks for submitting this. I have sent it over to our Content team to fix!
  15. @mjm Thank you for mentioning this. Our engineering team has found the issue and released a fix. This should no longer appear in SP5.2. Thanks!
  16. It may also be caused by geometry that is far away from the rest of the drawing. If your model is located near 0,0 but you have a stray object that is thousands of feet away, it will cause similar graphical issues.
  17. Good point! I also like your workaround with the Clip Cube. However, I don't know how much improvement you will see with just Point Cloud data and the VGM imrpovements in 2020. I think you will see some benefit with less RAM usage, but for overall performance with point cloud data, I would expect it to be similar to 2019. This task was more focused on simplifying geometry.
  18. Yes, these VGM Improvements could help with Multiple View Panes. However, it is probably going to depend more on what type of geometry you have. A lot of the improvements that we have seen are with native VW objects, especially curved geometry like Truss and Lighting Devices. If you have a bunch of that type of stuff in your file, you will probably see a bigger improvement, even with Multiple View Panes.
  19. @G.B Here are the system requirements for Vectorworks 2020:
  20. @Randy12 Can you try undocking and resizing your Object Info Palette? After you do this, is it still just as slow when placing the Dimensions? Thanks!
  21. Due to the introduction of Multiple View Panes, it may be a little harder to get to that "sweet spot" where VW will scroll. This is something we are aware of and working on. We are trying to find the perfect balance in order to allow users to move between View Panes but also move the cursor out of the drawing area to scroll. Hopefully we can fix this for you!
  22. jblock

    Ungroup issue

    @paulg Can you try resetting the "Always do selected action" choices in the VW preferences (Session>Reset Saved Settings>Always do the selected action...)?
  23. @LarryO Can you move your cursor to the left side of the column headers and click-drag to the right? It looks like the columns were all "collapsed" or hidden. Each column can be resized horizontally using this method.
  24. @LarryO This is usually not related to C++ libraries. Can you send me a screenshot of what you are seeing in the palette so I can take a quick look?
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