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  1. I believe this issue was fixed in a Service Pack for Vectorworks 2020. Can you confirm that you are on the latest Service Pack, SP2? Thanks!
  2. Revit files (.rvt or .rfa) created in versions 2011 through 2019 can be imported. It sounds like the file is actually from Revit 2020 or possibly a much older version.
  3. The link for the Bug Submit form should be at the bottom of the forum page. I have submitted this particular issue to our engineering team. You can refer to the following case number for updates: VB-166583 Thanks!
  4. @David S I understand that this is frustrating. I am not saying that your workflow is wrong, but it is not a workflow that will work right now. As I said before, we are working on changing this to improve applying textures overall and this type of workflow (or something similar) will be possible once we make those changes.
  5. @JToomey this is a known issue that our engineering team is working on. Hopefully we can implement a fix in our next Service Pack. You can refer to this case number to check the status: VB-165749 Thanks!
  6. One quick workaround would be to assign the Texture to the Class that the Door or Window belongs to. This will apply the Texture the overall object in a similar way. This way, you wouldn't need to separately assign Classes to each part of the object, but just one overall Class.
  7. It looks like this is actually working as designed. Textures were never meant to be assigned to Doors or Windows as an overall Texture being applied to the entire object. Instead, you should use the Classes and parts in the Settings to control the visual attributes of the Objects. We weren't really aware that this was a common workflow for a lot of users. We are working on introducing a new way to be able to texture objects without having to create so many classes while still be controlled in the Render tab of the Object Info Palette. I'm not sure exactly when this will be introduced by we are aware of this workflow now and will be sure to keep this in mind with our upcoming tasks on Doors and Windows. Thanks!
  8. @Matster I think this is actually working the way it was designed, although I definitely see how this could be changed to work better. Currently, the Find or Replace Text command will just find the "Next" string. This means that it will find the first string that matches the entered value and that is it. If you replace that string and then re-run the command, it will find the next string that has the entered value. I think it would be useful to have it Find all instances of a specific value, not just the next one!
  9. @alexwestreich it looks like Cropped Perspective is turned on in your Document Preferences>Display tab.
  10. @SarahISO This is a known issue that our engineering team is looking into. The workaround would be to apply the texture to the Classes for the Door or Window parts, in the settings. If you apply the Texture to the entire object, directly in the Render tab, it will not work. You can refer to this case number to check the status of this issue: VB-165320 Thanks!
  11. Sorry for the delayed response. Thank you for the update. That is strange that it worked after moving the UpdaterLog. My guess is there is maybe a permissions issue on that file and it can't update properly. I will let our engineering team know so they can investigate.
  12. @MartinFahrer it sounds like the dialog was dismissed with a "Don't show this dialog again". Can you try resetting the Saved Settings in the Vectorworks Preferences to see if this fixes it?
  13. @mjm hmmm...so it looks like the Updater is not actually updating properly. If you run the Updater.app directly from the Vectorworks 2020 folder, does it do the same?
  14. Also, I will check with our web team to update the Downloads page to reflect that SP1 has been released.
  15. When you click More Info and the Updater opens, what happens when you click Update? This should Update the Updater so that it can begin downloading Service Pack 1. The Service Packs are no longer stand alone files that are downloaded. They are all installed through the Updater.app.
  16. @mjm It is normal for the Updater to update first. Once you update the Updater app, it will download and install the Service Pack update for Vectorworks.
  17. It almost seems like the PDF does not have any background at all... Is it being imported as a PDF or is it coming in as an image somehow? Can you try ungrouping the PDF? This should give you the bitmap image background and the vector data. If you are able to send me the PDF, I can take a further look.
  18. This video will cover the basic installation of the Site Protection Server.
  19. Q: How do I upgrade my Site Protection Server from one version of Vectorworks to another? A: For dongle-based and MAC address-based network site licenses you must download and apply the license file using the download button in the license column of the customer portal. Once the .lic file is downloaded, you can replace the existing .lic on your server, using the Site Protection Server app and the revoke function. For internet-activated licenses, your existing activation key must be revoked and re-added with each new version of Vectorworks. Q: Does the Site Protection Server licensing use the same HASP HL or HASP4 dongles as C series? A: That is correct, Site Protection Server (SPS) can use a single license SafeNet HL USB dongle and is also backwards compatible with older network dongles in case of users upgrading to 2013 or later. Q:How do I set up the License Manager? A: The new Reprise License Manager (RLM) runs along with the Site Protection Server application, so no need to worry as before with latest operating systems. Here is a video that covers the installation. Q: What installer is needed for Site Protection Server? A: The Site Protection Server application is located as part of the contents of the Vectorworks installer. Q: Can the Site Protection Server be installed on a virtual server? A: Normally it must be installed on a physical server. If you require alternate configurations contact Tech@vectorworks.net.
  20. Thanks, I missed the file in your original post. How did you create these NURBS? Did you create one by converting a Circle? It appears that the circular NURBS is causing the problem. If I redraw that and make it slightly elongated, it seems to work fine...
  21. @jbelsky that is an odd one. I haven't been able to get the same thing to happen on my end. Would you mind posting the example file from your screenshots so I can take a close look? Thanks!
  22. @jeremyb could it be some sort of connection issue? Do you have any kind of network delay (the machine not connecting to the internet for a few seconds) on startup? Do you use a firewall or proxy server to connect? Thanks!
  23. Hi Kendra, it usually takes up to 1 business day. I checked your request and it looks like it was approved today. Let me know if you have any other problems. Thanks!
  24. @JonP Yes, please contact us directly with uor serial number so we can get you up and running. You can reach us at tech@vectorworks.net
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