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  1. @zoomer 

    4 hours ago, zoomer said:

    AFAIK for me the lag came back after any other any other action,

    even just pan or zoom. Basically every time I start the orbit by CTRL+MMB


    The same for me

    4 hours ago, zoomer said:

    AFAIK on Windows only (?)

    shorter lag (0,2 sec??) on mac but still too long 

    4 hours ago, zoomer said:



    Also, from time to time, I install NVidia's Content Creator driver instead

    of the standard gamer driver. It feels a bit like I would have more

    problems with CC driver in VW.

    I don't know this driver, for now I have installed the latest driver provided by my manufacturer specifically for my laptop (ASUS Zephyrus GX531)

    4 hours ago, zoomer said:

    I noticed no issues on any other App though and all I read is that the

    CC driver version is absolutely save and even performs well in games.

    so you think that I should try this CC driver?  Worth it?

    thank you!



  2. @zoomer yes, I thought that a space navigator would solve the problem. It is a pety to have this kind of behaviour. I have noticed that it happens after any rotation of the view. It takes even more, 2 or 3 secs, togive you the possibiliity to select any new command. Do you think that could be any settins or best practice to minimize the problem?

    thank you!


  3. Hello to everybody, 

    I have searched for this issue and I am really surprised that I couldn't find posts about it. 


    Don't you think that zoom, pan and orbit commands activation both thru mouse wheel and toolbars is incredibly slow? (VW 2019 and 2020 both Win and Mac)

    I am talking about more or less 1 second but it is really disturbing and it make working with VW very frustrating; expecially compared with other 3d modeling sw.


    I have a 9th gen i7 and a RTX 2080 that is kind of a "monster" in 3d navigation in any other software even with realtime rendering and raytracing activated. 

    So how can happens that navigating an OpenGL model, low quality setting, no antialiasing, is so laggy?


    I think that the problem is not in the model navigation itself, maybe the problem is in the speed of the activation of the commands zoom, pan and orbit. Since when the command is finally (1 second avarage) executed I can zoom/orbit/pan the model very fast.


    I hope that I have been able to explain my problem and that you will help me to solve it,

    thank you,


  4. 15 hours ago, JimW said:

    Yep that's part of it I think. The main issue was that we couldn't just UPGRADE the old page directly since it was so very broken, so apparently they have to do this plus a few other things to get Google's attentions. 20 years of indexing working against us, lol.

    yes I can imagine it is a huge work. But how can I find the old posts? internal search is much less efficient than google used to be. Plus I cannot find marionette forum anymore. Is it still there?

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