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  1. HI all, I find myself having some trouble navigating around my drawing when I'm trying to drop lights. Whenever I double-click on a light in the RB to drop, I can now no longer use any of the keys that let me move around the drawing. the arrows, no longer move the page - they instead move my selection around in the RB, and more irritatingly, "Z" - the shortcut to quickly magnify a specific area - doesn't work. has anyone else noticed this? Is this new in 2016? a bug? Thanks
  2. In order to have the gel number displayed you have to: A) have a label legend assigned to the light. The label legend has to have "color" as an active field in it. B) make sure that the class "label-color" is on. The check-box of "use color as fill" means that the symbol will change color in the drawing based on the gel you've chosen. For example, if you enter R26 into the color field, then the lighting symbol should turn red.
  3. I haven't had the exact issue that you seem to be talking about, but the fact that nested symbols don't import in their appropriate folder in the RB is one of the reasons that I start every new show file in my custom template file that has all of my symbols already in it and organized.
  4. HI All, I know that there is an El Capitan thread, and I've read it, but there seem to eb a lot of mixed opinions. So, I thought I'd just ask flat out: I've been holding off on the plunge into El Capitan - I'm still on Yosemite - largely because of the poor integration of VW on EC that I've been hearing about. But, now that EC 10.11.1 is out (with .2 is on the way) AND VW is now on SP2, my question is this: Is it safe to upgrade? Thanks
  5. I'm gonna throw my hat in the ring too: AutoPlot is total a lifesaver. Aside from the find and modify functions, "Copy Altered Label Legends" is amazing! Without a doubt, it's worth the asking price.
  6. especially, not that mac has all of the force-touch features, this could become really useful.
  7. +111 It would be great if this function worked form different perspectives. The GP and then Section/elevation options.
  8. They do take class attributes, but what I've found it that not only do they come in with classes assigned, they are all also default set to drop on their own specified class. So you have to move the units to the class you want. Or import the symbol, edit it's Symbol Insertion Options and set it to the desired class (or Active Class), THEN drop the symbol into the file. such a pain!
  9. Hi all, I ousted this in the Spotlight section a while ago, but I never got a response. I thought I'd try here. Has anyone else had an issue with the "Non-Rotate" attribute in the Instrument Summary Tool? I've found that, no matter what unit it is, the last entry in the summary list will NOT "non-rotate." Anyone have a fix for this? Thanks
  10. Along this line, I've also found that I can no longer use the arrow keys while in the middle of a command. For example how it worked in 2915 and previous was: if I were drawing a lighting position, I'd click for point A, and then arrow over - since I was zoomed in to see where the first point was - then click for point B and so-on, it worked great. Now, when I use the arrows mid-command, the using of the arrows cancels the lighting position action.
  11. Hi All, Thanks for all your responses, I'll try to see what I can do. This makes sense, but what if I don't want it always on ONE class? What if I want things just to drop to the Active class? I use the masking tool for masking - so that's one class - but sometimes I also use it as part of a set. Is there not just a way, hidden in some preference pane, to switch off auto classing?
  12. Is there a way to overrule any of the AutoClassing that seems to run rampant in VW2016? For example, I have my own class that I like to put soft-goods onto. A class that even when I have active as I'm dripping a curtain, doesn't matter because the curtain auto-drops to the "softgoods" class. Yes, I know I can move things after-the-fact, but that seems like an unnecessary extra step. Thanks
  13. To add my two cents, overall I'm pretty happy with Palette docking. I think it makes the interface cleaner. The one I'd love would be to still have the ability to work in multiple files. I can see how having multiple files open in a single screen would be problematic, but I tend to use spaces on my Mac when I have to work in multiple documents, and it would be great to be able to have one document open with docking in each Space. That way I can just swipe left or right to move between files, as opposed to going up to the window menu and switching file. Thanks
  14. YES! Replace group with symbol! I suppose the only tricky thing is where the insertion point would be. Is it perfect center of the group? Is it a "next Click" define?
  15. HI all, I wish that there was a quicker way to redefine a saved view that didn't feel so much like stopping my workflow. I use a lot of saved views and redefine them rather frequently. I'm on a laptop so I like to have my navigation palette closed as much as I can to give me more "drawing" space. I wish that there was a simpler way to redefine than opening the palette, right clicking the view, selecting "redefine..." What if it were an off shoot in the saved view pull-down - like in a menu? Or just having the ability to right-click from the saved-view Drop-Down menu would be great! Thanks
  16. HI all, Is there a way to cancel a task in the middle of it? For example, I'm editing a curtain object, and accidentally selected the Pleat Width as 2" instead of 2'. Is there a way for me to cancel VW taking 10 minuted to figure out the ridiculously complex geometry I asked it to do? Or Do I just have to wait and hope it doesn't crash in the process? Thanks
  17. I'm not sure if you can re-class the auto-generated ones, but I don't use them anyway. I create my own, and class them separately.
  18. Actually, I don't so much mind the "black file save" request. What DOES bug me is when I publish stuff, it bounces for me to dismiss the "VW has successfully published the drawing" dialog. I know! It automatically opened in Acrobat. I now have to leave the PDF, so VW can tell me that it created the PDF. I feel like I only need that dialog box when it ISN'T successful at publishing.
  19. This is a big issue for me also. I posted about this last night. https://techboard.vectorworks.net/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=216605#Post216605 All of the lighting symbols in the VW resource files are classes, and are set to drop onto their specific classes instead of dropping on the "active class." This is a big issue for me and my workflow. I really hope VW will release new resource files where everything is back on the None class like they belong.
  20. HI all, I'm not sure if this should go here or should be a "request," but I figured I'd start here. I hate how all of the lighting symbols that you can browse in VW16 all come in with their own classes - and some of them with MULTIPLE classes. I have my documents set up and classed pretty specifically in regards to how they take graphic attributes as well as what classes are on or off within saved views and viewports. So all the addition of these extra class - ESPECIALLY when the symbols are set to insert to their own specific classes - is just adding extra work for me to undo all of that extra classing. Is there any way to put the symbols all back on the "none" class like they were and restore them to inserting on the active class without having to go through file by file, and symbol by symbol? What is the benefit of all of this extra classing? Thanks
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