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  1. I'm having a problem with rendering in the 'Realistic Colors White' mode, the object I'm trying to render creates a strange mis-rendering pattern upon final render, any ideas what could be going wrong? Note - The object is solid coloured and it has a texture applied (I have tried several textures) Thank you
  2. Thanks CipesDesign, I didn't actually consider placing the door in artificially as not part of the wall. I created the round top cased opening archway and slipped the door in with the arrow keys and it renders as intended! Yes in practice, the way I'd go about it is simply creating a cavity within the wall (where insulation would normally be set) and feed the doors into those within an arched wall fascia. Thanks for the help guys!
  3. Hi Vectorworkers! I'm trying to achieve a Bi-parting doorway with an arched or rounded top.. I'm aware of the option to round the top but I don't like the fanlight. Instead, I want to know if theres a way of putting both a bi-parting door and a cased opening archway on the same wall so that the functional door sits somehow inside or behind the archway, just cutting off the top of it? This sort of thing... [img:left]http://puu.sh/g2K2i/0f161d498c.png[/img] [img:left]http://puu.sh/g2K6q/63d90a45e7.png[/img]
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