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  1. So far I can survive with Open GL and create something decent for small projects. With larger projects, the lighting limit is a pain. 


    I hope that at some point a decent real time rendering engine wil be implemented in VW. 

    I have been playing around with unreal engine, just wish you could have this in your VW workflow instead of open GL.


    In 2018 its hard to impress a client with the clunky VW web viewer. 

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  2. 2) Printing from Adobe products results in garbled text.

    Link below: " Exporting to PDF, Printing to PDF and Publishing to PDF may lose proper hatch and text location"


    No changes with the last update from Yosemite aka 10.10.2?

    On the other hand, I don't see the board flooded with complaints regarding garbled PDF's, so is it a serious matter or only sporadic detail?


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