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  1. That looks like exactly what i need. But I can't seem to figure out how to plug that into marionette?
  2. So I did indeed figure out how to accomplish the if statement. The new problem, How to sett a fill of a rectangle to None . I was drastically over thinking the if problem. Using a "if in string" with the main string being the popup and the sub string and integer matching the selection you want in the attached example, if you select the color grey it'll be overridden with yellow otherwise will show the selected
  3. I'll use a color picker as an example. I want to have a popup be able to chose a line color, and then say if red is selected turn off part or hide a section of the marionette. Just missing the step in between. I've attached the bit used to pick the color, works like a charm via popup under object attributes
  4. Hey All, I seem to be missing something, Probably over thinking it. I have a popup 0- left 1- right 2- top 3- bottom 4- none I'm looking for a way to have an "IF" statement with the popup being the test. If the "popup" is "none" its true, any other value would return a false. Ultimate goal is to use this to remove an item when not required. I'm sure its not explained very well. Thanks Kurtis
  5. That's not a bad idea, Don't really mind the lose of functionality, but seems a touch time consuming for the amount that need to be done. Thanks for the sugestion
  6. Hello, Is it possible to use the ganging tool in spotlight to do ganging in 3d, For example in a front view? I've been mucking around and have either missed it or it cant be done. Does anyone have a cleaver work around for this? thanks
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