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  1. So I'm designing a curtain wall that spans 2 floors and each have windows in them on 2 separate floors. Is it ok to design the symbol as one plug in object as if it were a window spanning two floors or am I building this wrong altogether. It seemed easier to just design it as one piece rather than design 2 separate systems that are slightly different one from the other. Will I run into problems down the line when making my window schedule? When I used to draw it in 2D, the whole curtain wall system would be under a single "window type" that would be considered as one curtain wall with casements where indicated. Maybe I'm overthinking this but I would love to get some feedback as to how some of you would handle designing a simple two story "storefront" system". Thanks
  2. I'm using the space tool with labels and in my Label I have a Field for Gross Area. When Vectorworks calculates my area it inputs the text as 898.3 sq ft. I would like the text to show up as 898.3 SQ FT. I like to capitalize all units throughout my drawings even if they aren't the proper unit indication. Question: Is it possible to override the unit indication and force it to capitalize without exploding the symbol/group? Thank you!
  3. Good afternoon, I am having an issue with a file I am working with in setting the referenced files to Path Relative. ATM some are absolute and others are relative however I would like them all to be Relative to current document. The issue I am having is that some of the references will not allow me to make them relative and some will after I re-link them (some were able to be made relative upon first linking) Most of these fields are set up exactly the same way so I am pulling my hair out figuring out why this is happening. What are the requirements for allowing a link to be made relative and why would the option be grayed out completely. I have never had this problem before and it seems to be occurring more frequently. I have linked an image of the dialog box showing how I do not even have the option to make the reference in question a relative link.
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