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  1. I used the same work flow too. It is far more efficient than the send to C4D. It would be much appreciated if the plugin could be updated!
  2. As it turns out it was because the file was originally created as a Spotlight file. Our friendly and very helpful local reseller was able to fix it for me. Thanks Julian.
  3. Hi All, I have a file where I can not export it to 2008, for that matter 2009 or v12, as the options are greyed out. It seems to specific to this file, and other files behave as expected. Any help appreciated. Mac 10.6.4 Vectorworks 2010 SP3 Build 123041
  4. You would think the parent company could get Nemetschek to play nice. The upgrades for VW are expensive, but I figure since you get the .5 free it is possibly worth it. VectorWorks is my bread and butter, and the C4D module is a very tasty condiment. I have not been happy that the eXchange plug in is so flakey and cost me a heap of time getting the 2 to work together (curtain lengths, etc). At the end of the day I would pay 10% more for 5% more effort for Nemetschek to be proactive with Maxon and have the plugin be available at the same time and work (well) with the upgrade. The software may be expensive, but my time is more valuable.
  5. Thanks Kevin, Is there another way of seeing the RGB value of the light, without ungrouping the high level object?
  6. Thanks for your reply Kevin. The new feature does not let you use gel colors to specify the light/lamp color. When I purchased my first copy of Spotlight and first realised this feature was available it made me fall off my seat, I thought it was so good. I would have thought that product upgrades would keep great features. Please ask for it to be re-instated in 12.5
  7. Has something changed in version 12? Previously you could use the gobo projector tool to get pretty accurate RGB values of gel colours (I only ever tried it with Lee). Simply place a gobo projector. Select the gobo (rectangle icon) and enter the color value on the Object Info i.e. L132, then select the light and the RGB value shows up in the color area of the Object Info window for the light (and the arrow on the light icon would change too) R0 G46 B197. Fantastic. Perfect if you want to simulate the gel colour in another application. It worked in version 11.5 and as far back as 8.5 from memory, now it seems to be broken. Am I missing something? Does anyone know another way of getting simulated colors in RGB?
  8. You can rotate truss created with teh truss tool. Just change the values on the rotation and hang angle to suit your needs.
  9. Hmmm, I'd have to agree. I have only spent a few minutes looking at this feature but it seems pretty limited at the moment. I was quite excited when I read about this "improvement". Surely you would be able to at least adjust the focus angle?
  10. 2 screens can be done successfully with dual videocards (and appropriate video card drivers) on either platform. I would assume it could be done with 3 video cards. You need to set the PP stage to the with of 3 screens. True syncronisation, no code.
  11. Am I missing something? Where you you adjust the segments?
  12. I should add, further to the previous post, I was able to recover the most recently corrupted file from the VW Backup folder.
  13. I am a Spotlight/RenderWorks user. Since upgrading to 10.5.1b I am noticing corrupted/damaged files. I?m sorry I can?t be too scientific about cause and effect but it has only started happening since upgrading to 10.5.1b. I am running 2 machines a Dual 1Ghz desktop with 1.5Ghz of RAM and a 12? G4 867 Laptop with 640MB of RAM. The first time I noticed it I had opened a file, created on the desktop, on the laptop (which was still running VW10.1.2 on Panther) and it would continually crash VW. I thought it was because I had not done the 10.5.1b upgrade even though I had been using other files in Panther running 10.1.2 on the laptop quite successfully. Anyway, the file I was using as my ?symbol library? file was corrupted too (also discovered on the laptop), and a file I opened today (only ever used on the desktop) was damaged and most of the information was gone. I often synchronise files with a shareware product called Revival. I sent the crash report to Apple, I don?t know what they do with these reports, or if they forward them to Nemetschek Can anyone else say they have had a similar experience or know what I am doing wrong? Does anyone know of a fix. I would be happy to send the corrupted files to Nemetschek if you give me an address to send it to. It?s cost me a heap of time, and I?m getting terrified to open untouched files.
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