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  1. Now that they have released the SP3 update, have any of the remaining Yosemite compatibility issues been resolved? Or are all of the remaining issues considered to be 3rd party issues (non-compatible printers and outdated Adobe Readers) Has the color picker issue been resolved? Thank you!
  2. Thank you for all of your help and thorough answers. I suppose my main reason to want to update is just to stay current with everything. I don't like to fall behind on updating software with any device for too long as that also causes problems eventually. (Plus the Yosemite upgrade is being offered for free at the moment and that isn't always the case). I'll keep checking back in with these boards, check all my printers, and wait a hot minute to make any decisions. I hope the last few kinks get worked out so we can all confidently upgrade.
  3. Will you please confirm a couple items as I am still very hesitant as one of my main tasks is to send my drawings as PDFs to others (non-vw-users and sometimes not very computer savvy people either). 1. It sounds like the Exporting to PDF has been resolved to make a clean PDF. 2. It sounds like Printing to PDF through also works. 3. I need to check with my printers first to make sure they support 10.10 before updating - Could you please let me know how to do this? 4. Then I need to update to 10.10.2 and Adobe Reader Xi. 5. Once I'm in the clear and updated, I will have no problems printing to my own computers. However, if I'm in an industry where I am changing offices a lot and don't always know my future printers, I could potentially run into a problem in the future - would you recommend waiting to upgrade still? Or is the only resolution to this to only work with 10.10 compatible printers? 6. If I send out my PDFs to others, will someone else have trouble printing them if their printers or updated Adobe Readers are not in the clear? Would there be a work-around option I could offer them if those 2 attempts don't work? (I'm worried I would be sending out files that would not be printable to others) All of these variables still make me very nervous to upgrade, yet I'm not sure how long I should wait or if these items will be resolved in the near future. Please let me know what you recommend.
  4. 01/16/15 Hi, Now that it has been a few months, I am wondering if there is an update on the compatibility issue with Yosemite and if we are clear to install Yosemite with full functionality? I very much need to be able to make clean PDFs from my programs, and have been waiting for a go ahead because of this reason. Also, if it is still an issue (aka Apple hasn't fixed it yet), has anyone found success in the work around of making PDFs from the print menu? Are there any major limitations to this workaround? Thank you!
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