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  1. Hello: I have mostly completed a model of a house and am starting to create viewports and sheet layers so I can plan out some fine details using pencil and paper. However I am running into some issues. I created a viewport to show the entire house using a custom view in 3D, which is fine, but when I look at the associated sheet layer, the model shows up very small in the upper right corner, with the drawing number and scale annotation in the lower left. I can increase the scale to increase the model size, but that makes the viewport border much bigger than the page boundary assigned to the sheet layer. When I try and edit the viewport camera, it shows me the same custom view as when I created the viewport. For reference, all my design layers are 1:1 scale and I am attempting to use 1/2" : 1' scale for the viewport. Unfortunately, i cannot upload the vwx file as it is ~90MB. If it is needed to help resolve this issue, I can host it somewhere. Thanks in advance.
  2. @Wes GardnerI had forgotten about 3D warehouse. I had looked on modler but not there. @Alan WoodwellThat is amazing. Thank you. Do you just lurk on here all day? You always seem to be around.
  3. Hello: I am working on a circular building that I want to put a circular fireplace in the center of. I have found that the fireplace tool does not include this feature, so I am attempting to manually create one. I have already used the wall tool to create a fire pit, but I would like to add a grate and flame effects. I can model the grate myself if needed but if there is an easier way to do this, I will be all ears. Also, how could I possibly create 3D flame effects? I am fine with a bit of a cartoony look, but would prefer as realistic as possible. Thanks in advance.
  4. @Alan WoodwellThank you very much for the information. I am still learning vectorworks so I appreciate all the help.
  5. @Alan WoodwellI am a little bit confused about what you mean? I can understand the door open and closed layers being classes, but why would I want the pad and walls to be on the same layer? I am using the story and story layers functionality which seems to separate them out.
  6. Thank you, I am new to the Landscape tools so I am feeling my way in the dark.
  7. Hello: I am working on a house design that is partially embedded in a hill. Since this is an idealized design now, I have entered a basic DTM using stake objects and and am using pads to create the indents in the landscape for the house. However, I cannot figure out how to get the landscape to hug the house like it has been backfilled around it. Currently, the proposed DTM is showing almost the entire volume removed due to the pads. I have attached the VWX file if people need it. Thanks in advance wizards-tower.vwx


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